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The first production line of large-size silicon-based Micro-LED micro-display screen has been officially completed in China.

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Shulou( Report-- December 6 news, according to Kechuangban Daily, today Xi'an Saifules Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened the first silicon-based Micro-LED micro-display production line.

At present, chip preparation, transfer technology yield, cost and other issues are obstacles to Micro-LED mass production. Dr. Song Jie, vice president of Sefulus, said: "as the country's first large-size silicon-based Micro-LED micro-display production line, its penetration means that the cost of micro-display as an AR glasses optical machine will be reduced, thus driving down the overall cost of glasses."

According to public data, since its establishment in 2014, Sefulus has always aimed at achieving the ultimate display technology and adhered to the technical route of monolithic quantum dot Micro-LED. They conquered a series of difficulties, such as nano-pore gallium nitride epitaxy technology, Micro-LED preparation technology, quantum dot in-situ packaging technology, silicon-based wafer hybrid bonding technology and wafer-level microlens technology, broke through the bottleneck of quantum dot Micro-LED efficiency and reliability, and achieved the landing of the industry's first quantum dot Micro-LED product in 2023.

According to, compared with the widely used LCD technology and OLED technology, the combination of Micro-LED sets magnifies the most prominent performance advantages of LCD and OLED: not only the almost unlimited contrast, ultra-thin and faster response speed of OLED, but also higher brightness and life span than LCD, as well as higher definition, lower power consumption and stronger color restoration ability. If we break through the quantitative production technology, Micro-LED is very likely to become a subversive and transformative next-generation mainstream display technology, bringing about a new round of display technology upgrading.

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