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Release of a new generation of domestic super-calculation "Tianhe Xingyi"

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. Update: "the performance of the new generation of domestic super calculation" Tianhe Xingyi "reveals that it has doubled compared with" Tianhe II "in many aspects., December 6 (Xinhua)-- at the 2023 supercomputing innovation and application conference held today, the National Guangzhou Center for supercomputing officially released a new generation of domestic supercomputing system Tianhe Xingyi, according to the Financial Associated Press.

According to reports, "Tianhe Xingyi" is application-centric, using domestic advanced computing architecture, high-performance multi-core processors, high-speed interconnection network, large-scale storage and other key technologies to fully meet the needs of high-performance computing, AI large model training, big data analysis and other application scenarios.

According to, the National Supercomputing Guangzhou Center is a major scientific and technological innovation platform deployed by the country during the 12th five-year Plan period. With the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, jointly built by the Guangdong Provincial people's Government, Guangzhou Municipal people's Government, National University of Defense Science and Technology and Sun Yat-sen University, it is a major scientific and technological infrastructure to support the national implementation of innovation-driven strategy and serve the development of local industries. It is an important supporting platform for Sun Yat-sen University to carry out major scientific research and serve national and regional economic and social development in the face of academic frontiers, major national strategic needs and regional economic and social development.

Centering on the "Tianhe-2" supercomputer, the National supercomputing Guangzhou Center promotes the deep integration of high-performance computing with big data, and carefully creates five supporting platforms for scientific research, discipline construction, exchange and cooperation, technological innovation and personnel training. We will advocate "openness, cooperation, coordination and innovation", strive to achieve a series of landmark results, and create a world-class supercomputing center with Chinese characteristics.

The "Tianhe II" supercomputer system, the business host of the National Supercomputing Guangzhou Center, is a landmark achievement of the major project of the National 12th five-year Plan 863, which is developed by the University of Science and Technology of National Defense. " The peak computing speed of Tianhe II system is 1.07 billion beats per second, the continuous computing speed is 614 billion beats per second, the total memory capacity is about 3PB, and the total global storage capacity is about 19PB. " The peak computing speed, continuous computing speed and comprehensive technology level of Tianhe-2 are in the leading position in the world, which is a great progress in the development of supercomputing technology in China. has not yet queried the hardware performance specifications of "Tianhe Xingyi" and will follow up the follow-up announcement.

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