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The theme of glory is officially launched, and the aesthetics of science and technology lights up the colorful life.

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On November 23, with the official launch of the Honor Digital Series Mobile Glory 100 Series, Glory Internet service was fully upgraded and launched. Among them, as one of the core applications of Honor Consumer Cloud Service, Glory theme provides global users with terminal personalized skin change experience by providing massive high-quality personalized dressing content including theme, font, wallpaper, AOD and so on.

Decorate a colorful life with the theme of science and technology combined with aesthetics and glory.

Mobile phone as an indispensable part of daily life, theme dressing is not only the interpretation of art and beauty, but also the emotional expression of different users based on personal personality, hobbies and mood changes. Since March 2022, the Honor theme has been launched overseas, and so far it has covered 120 key countries and regions in Europe and the Middle East. In December of the same year, the dial market was officially launched at home and abroad along with Glory Sports Health, further enriching the Honor full scene intelligent terminal matrix, while the Glory theme continues to support users' personalized service experience of multi-products with scientific and technological aesthetics.

Now, the domestic version of Glory theme is officially launched, always with the needs of user experience as the core, and will bring rich personalized theme settings to adapt to mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, folding screens and other multi-terminal products. Through the Glory theme APP, users can freely move static wallpaper, fonts, AOD and other personalized customization to create their own unique theme style. At the same time, the glory theme also brings together a rich variety of theme resources, including fashion simplicity, freshness and nature, business and leisure, etc., users can combine their own preferences and needs, easily choose their own theme style, anytime and anywhere click to change efficiently.

A variety of IP topics are reported in groups, and individual themes are determined according to the heart.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Glory Brand, in order to thank Glory users for their support and companionship, Glory theme has launched a variety of interactive themes. In addition to centrally packaged and launched more than 100 joint IP themes, for Glory 100 series of new products release, especially bring "100% Glory", "full score sprint to eliminate music", "Night Magic Zixia", "Ride of the Warriors", "texture splicing" five interesting customized themes, and based on a variety of customized dynamic effects and fun games to meet the diversified and personalized needs of different users.

The theme of "100% Glory" is based on the HONOR logo with digital 100elements, emphasizing the redefinition of flagship aesthetics with a sense of exclusivity to meet the personalized needs of young users. The theme color joyful jump, with a sense of collision of bold color use and street graffiti-style font spray feeling perfect integration, the pursuit of personality trend, unique style you must not miss!

And focus on the relaxed sense of casual games, a large number of use of pixel wind glory, 100, full marks and other elements of "full-score sprint Xiaolu", full of retro interest of game consoles in the 1980s, the dynamic effect of automatic Xiaoxue makes both visual and psychological relaxation. In the face of impetuous and busy working state, it is better to find the fun of childlike innocence in the customized game theme of this exclusive Glory 100 series.

The "Night Magic Zixia" lock screen wallpaper focuses on the natural scenery of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, with waves, peaks and clouds corresponding to the three different appearance colors of Honor 100 series mobile phones, namely, butterfly blue, bright black and Monai purple, focusing on creating an immersive natural beauty viewing experience. Users can open the components to switch freely, feel the waves rise and fall at any time, meteors pass over the top of the snow-capped mountains, the clouds in the purple sky move with the wind, focus on a pleasing to the eye, enjoy the beauty of nature and relax.

The theme of "Ride of the Warrior" based on simple oil painting style reflects the unremitting pursuit of freedom and courage of contemporary young people with knights on horseback. When the user erases the painting manually, the knight with a sharp blade will also come out of the painting on a war horse, unwilling to be bound, the knight who has the courage to break through the predicament, is it very much in line with the current struggle and pursuit of your dream?

The free combination of "texture splicing" theme echoes the three colors of Glory 100 series butterfly blue, moon shadow white and Monet purple, while restoring the splicing design used in luxury bags and high timing, through the casual sense of switching between different materials, express the freedom of young people to follow their hearts. The theme is also paired with the same denim mobile phone case, which is very suitable for matching clothes to show a different style.

The welfare of eight major activities is hot online, and a large number of topics are switched at will.

In order to ensure users' sense of use, including Honor OS version 7.2 and above products, Glory 100 series of new products and subsequent release of new machines, users can download their favorite personality themes in a large number of themes through the Glory theme App. At the same time, users of the Glory 100 series of new phones can also enjoy eight major policy benefits, which will make you soft. Including free 2-month theme VIP,5 new machine exclusive customized theme 0 yuan purchase; 500000 theme discount coupons a day, up to 90% discount; 100000 theme 5% discount coupons free weekly; mass personality theme 20% discount and some themes free download. Easily realize the freedom of theme, make the mobile phone take on a new look, and have a different visual experience every day.

With the continuous improvement of users' demand for high quality, personalization and refinement, Glory theme combines many well-known designers, original designers and high-quality creators to continue to lead the customization trend of personalized and diversified themes with unique aesthetic design. Supported by a wide range of resources and partners, inspired by exclusive aesthetic design, Glory theme will continue to expand more personalized costumes, enrich theme categories and dynamic effects design, and bring users more customized theme options.

If you also want to show your different personality and fashion, go to Glory theme App to download the personality theme now!

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