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Gold set a new high and sprint 2100? Giant Elephant analyst Jin Tuan is in charge of Jin Shi chasing the non-agricultural market.

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Shulou( Report--

Non-agricultural live time: 21:00 on December 8th

Non-agricultural live broadcast location: "Jin Shi interview Room"

Gold bulls surged on Monday, rising as much as $75 a day and hitting as much as $2144.68 an ounce, breaking the May record. The spot gold market experienced a huge shock in the evening US market and broke through a new high of $2045 / oz on Tuesday morning, followed by a V reversal and short positions broke through the morning barrier.

The spot gold market fluctuates violently in recent days, and such a large market makes many spot gold investors make a lot of money and leave the market. This round of shock stems from a speech made by me by the Fed governor, and from the newly released October PCE price index and the core PCE price index in the United States, which rose 3% and 3.5% respectively from the same period last year, both lower than the previous value, indicating a decline in inflation data. based on this, the market expects the US dollar and US bond yields to continue to fall, giving gold a strong positive signal.

In addition, in terms of the geographical situation, the suspension of the short-term ceasefire agreement between Palestine and Israel, and the Israeli army launching another attack like Gaza on the grounds that Hamas did not abide by the agreement, also led to a renewed sense of risk aversion in the market, and the international spot gold market benefited from the volatility of Dafu again.

As of press time, international spot gold bears counter-attack strongly, but there has been a pullback. If Qiangyang County appears in the trend chart after breaking through the 2040 mark at night, if it is determined that the neck line at the bottom of W can break through, the bulls may push up 20 US dollars again to reach 2060.

At a time when the spot gold market fluctuates strongly, the market will usher in important data on Friday-US non-farm data. After the release of non-farm data, gold bulls may rush to 2200 in one fell swoop, the big market is coming, and the profit opportunity is now! This Friday (December 8) evening at 21:00, Giant Elephant Gold Industry ace analyst and gold medal tangle expert Jin Jiao teacher sat in the "Golden Ten interview Room" for you to capture the golden and accurate profit opportunity under non-agriculture. please look forward to it.

At the end of the year, Giant Elephant Gold offered a gift feast for spot gold investors and spot silver investors. From now on, new guests will get a bonus when they recharge! Charge $200to account $310. the more you charge, the more you get, up to a maximum of $30000! During the event, the full number of transactions and domestic light Mate 60 Pro brand mobile phones can be obtained!

Another recommendation activity is in progress, elephant customers recommend friends to invest together, you can get $1000 + unlimited bonus! For each transaction of a good friend, the presenter will receive a reward of US $5, and each friend can win a gift of US $1000 for the presenter. More invitations will be given, and there is no upper limit for the bonus. Don't worry about sitting and earning profits only in Giant Elephant Gold!

In addition, new customers open an account with a free red packet of 88 yuan, as well as activities such as the zero threshold to enjoy a 26-dollar difference and other activities waiting for investors, which will help you make a profit on your investment.

Giant Elephant Gold Industry, let investors all over the world hear the voice of win-win investment!

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