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Dragon Chenchen, the mascot of the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, was officially unveiled.

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Thank netizens "see" for the clue delivery! news on December 6, today, the Central Radio and Television Station 2024 Spring Festival Gala mascot image "Dragon Chenchen" officially released, the mascot image highlights the good luck, peace and happiness of the beautiful meaning.

It is reported that the mascot of the 2024 year of the Dragon Spring Festival Gala seeks design inspiration from the long-standing Chinese excellent traditional culture and draws emotional resonance from real life, which is not only full of the meaning and beauty of Xiao long in traditional culture. it also shows the high-spirited spirit of the Chinese people in the new era. " Dragon Chenchen "extracted the dragon nose with ancient characteristics from the turquoise dragon-shaped ware unearthed at the Erlitou site in Yanshi, Henan Province, as design elements. The dragon ridge structure and belly pattern are derived from the four title edges and cloud thunder patterns on the side of he Zun in the Western Zhou Dynasty, where the word" China "was first recorded. The decoration on the eyebrow bow and dragon shoulder is taken from the moire bronze forbidden pattern in the Henan Museum collection, exquisite and unique, adding interest and ancient rhyme to the mascot.

The nine dragons on the nine dragon walls of the Palace Museum are well known for their exquisite craftsmanship and majestic momentum. "Dragon Chenchen" designs dragon claws with reference to the "five-clawed Golden Dragon" on the Kowloon wall, showing majestic and majestic. The gilded walking dragon collected in Xi'an Museum is a typical animal body in the shape of a dragon, with a serrated back and a long tail, which represents the superb metallurgical technology of the Tang Dynasty. "Dragon Chenchen" takes its head held high, majestic and vigorous posture, valiant and high-spirited. noticed that the color scheme of "Dragon Chenchen" is based on traditional Chinese colors such as Dazhi, incandescent, Xiexia, Jade, Chunchen and so on. The shade represents the red cloud, representing the youthful color of the rising sun. Spring is the color of the initial melting of snow and ice and the sprouting of plants, and the turquoise color to which it belongs is the representative color of Azure Dragon in the East. Azure Dragon is one of the four astronomical phenomena in ancient China, which represents spring, hope and growth, and also gives Longchen the vitality of coming from winter to spring, bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new.

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