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When the solar wind is sprayed on the earth, a huge "coronal hole" appears on the surface of the sun: 800000 kilometers wide

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Shulou( Report--, Dec. 6 (Xinhua)-- NASA astronomers, through the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), observed that the sun is "opening" a huge, scary hole and ejecting solar wind directly at the earth.

Astronomers observed a huge hole in the solar atmosphere (Sun atmosphere) on December 2. Astronomers named it the Coronal Hole (coronal hole), which reached 497000 miles in size in just 24 hours. ( Note: about 799843.97 km).

Scientists say the temporary gap is wider than 60 Earths and exceeds previously observed solar cycle records. note: since December 4, this "coronal hole" has been pointing at Earth, spewing rapid radiation / solar wind.

Astronomers had predicted that the coronal hole would trigger a moderate G2 geomagnetic storm, but it turned out to be weaker than expected, causing only a weak G1 geomagnetic storm.

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