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"Shunfeng suspended collection" posted on the hot search, the official response said that "the rumors are not true, everything is normal."

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens MagicKong and Snailwang for the clue delivery! December 6 news, today, according to the manual company ALTER official website notice shows that after receiving notice from Shun Fung, from now on to suspend the collection of manual categories, related rectification, is expected to last for a month, the recovery time shall prevail in the follow-up notice of Shun Feng.

After the news spread, # SF suspended the collection of hands and # topic appeared on the No. 9 hot search list on Weibo. found that SF Group has responded in its Weibo comments: "at present, everything is normal for express delivery in compliance with the regulations, and the relevant suspension rumors are not true. Thank you for your attention!"

According to the profile on ALTER's official website, Arta (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese handheld company ALTER, is mainly responsible for the exclusive direct sales of Chinese mainland ALTER and its brands. The official website is the exclusive online store of Arta (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. in Chinese mainland area. Shanghai Tuofeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is responsible for the operation and customer service. Provide Chinese mainland players with authorized authentic ALTER hand-made products.

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