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Technology last night and this morning 1207:AMD released the MI300X accelerator, which is 60% higher than the Nvidia H100; the world's first fourth-generation nuclear power plant has been put into production; Huang Renxun called Huawei a "very strong" com

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Hello, everyone. It's Thursday, December 7, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. On the evening of December 7, Xiaomi will fully share the new OS architecture. For the first time, the design team will come to the stage for the first time. The communication meeting of Xiaomi's OS experience will be held at 7: 00 p.m. on December 7. "talk about the experience design of the new system with the theme of" surging ideas ". According to the official warm-up, tomorrow night, Xiaomi's OS team will fully share the "advanced architecture based on comprehensive refactoring" and how to design and implement a "more advanced" user experience. It includes how to reconstruct the system interface, carry out global simplification and optimization, bring more efficient information display and unified interface layout, and how to reconstruct the multi-task system and interconnected interaction logic, which is more in line with the intuitive design concept and so on. > > View details

2. The performance of the new generation of domestic supercomputing "Tianhe Xingyi" was revealed: it was doubled compared with "Tianhe II" in many aspects at the 2023 Supercomputing Innovation and Application Conference held on December 6. The National Supercomputing Guangzhou Center officially released the new generation of domestic supercomputing system Tianhe Xingyi. According to Xinhua News Agency, Tianhe Xingyi has doubled its general CPU computing capacity, network capacity, storage capacity and application service capacity compared with Tianhe II. > > View details

3. It is reported that the vivo X100 Pro + phone tests the satellite communication function, which is the latest test by all manufacturers. According to the blogger @ Smart Pikachu, the vivo X100 Pro + phone is testing the satellite communication function, which is the latest test by all manufacturers. Since Huawei's flagship mobile phone supports satellite communications, when other domestic manufacturers will follow suit has also sparked a heated debate among netizens. > > View details

4. Dragon Chenchen, the mascot of the 2024 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, was officially unveiled on December 6, and the image of Dragon Chenchen, the mascot of the Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Dragon, was officially unveiled on the Central Radio and Television headquarters. the image of the mascot highlights the beautiful meaning of good luck, peace and happiness. > > View details

5. "Shunfeng suspended collection" went on the hot search, and the official response said that "the rumors are not true and everything is normal". On December 6, according to the notice on the official website of the company ALTER, Shunfeng informed that the collection of hand-held categories would be suspended from now on for related rectification, which is expected to last for one month, and the recovery time is subject to the follow-up notice of Shunfeng. Shunfeng Group responded in its Weibo comments: "at present, everything is normal for hand-handled express delivery, and the relevant suspension rumors are not true. Thank you for your attention!" > > View details

6, Nvidia RTX 4090 D graphics card new revelation: Boost frequency is the same as the original, according to reliable source MEGAsizeGPU news, RTX 4090 D graphics card is in progress, without delay, its basic frequency is 2280 MHz, slightly higher than the original RTX 4090, Boost frequency is the same as the original RTX 4090. > > View details

7. Huang Renxun: Huawei is Nvidia's "very strong" competitor in the field of AI chips. Huang Renxun, CEO of Nvidia, said on December 6 that Huawei is one of Nvidia's "very strong" (very formidable) competitors in the competition for the best artificial intelligence chips. > > View details

8. The world's first fourth-generation nuclear power plant has been put into commercial operation, and China's nuclear power technology has reached the world's leading level. according to Xinhua News Agency, the world's first fourth-generation nuclear power plant, Huaneng Shidao Bay High temperature Gas-cooled reactor Nuclear Power Station, has been officially put into commercial operation. it marks that China has reached the world's leading level in the field of fourth-generation nuclear power technology. The nuclear power plant, led by China Huaneng and jointly built by Tsinghua University and CNNC, started in December 2012 and was connected to the grid for the first time in December 2021. This time it was officially put into commercial operation at a stable electric power level. > > View details

9. Xiaopeng Automobile: Volkswagen has completed an investment of more than 5 billion yuan, and the cooperative models between the two sides have passed the feasibility study. Xiaopeng Automobile announced on the evening of December 6 that Volkswagen's investment in Xiaopeng has been completed by issuing a total of 94.079255 million new shares under general authorization. the total subscription is about US $705.6 million.

After the completion of the transaction, in Class A common shares, the ratio of Volkswagen Investment nominee shares is 4.99%, other shareholders account for 76.51% of Class B common shares 18.5%, and the total number of shares is 1.885 billion shares. Volkswagen Group won an observer seat on Xiaopeng's board of directors.

In addition, for the two B-class pure electric models jointly developed by Xiaopeng Volkswagen, officials say the feasibility study of the project has achieved positive results and has been completed. > > View details

10. AMD ace accelerator MI300X was born: training AI model is faster than Nvidia H100 at the "Advancing AI" event held at 2: 00 a.m. Beijing time on December 7, 60%AMD officially announced the flagship AI GPU accelerator MI300X, whose performance is 60% higher than Nvidia's H100. AMD Instinct MI300X is the chip that attracts the most attention because it is aimed at NVIDIA's Hopper in AI and Intel's Gaudi accelerator. The chip is based entirely on the CDNA 3 architecture. The chip uses a mixture of 5nm and 6nm IP,AMD to combine these IP, bringing the number of transistors to 153 billion. > > View details

Other contents include:

AMD million Mega Secondary APU MI300A Mass production: OpenFOAM Test is 4 times that of Nvidia H100 > > View details

AMD announces Ryzen 8040 series APU:16 TOPs,Zen 4 CPU, RDNA 3 GPU, upgrade XDNA AI NPU > > View details

AMD will increase the APU:AI performance of Ruilong 8050 series by three times next year, Zen 5 architecture CPU, RDNA 3 + kernel display > > View details

11. Due to high Internet fees, live broadcast platform Twitch announced that it would withdraw from the Korean market in February next year. Twitch, a well-known overseas live broadcast platform, issued an official press release on December 6, claiming that it plans to shut down related business in South Korea on February 27, 2024 because of excessive Internet usage fees. > > View details

Starting from 12 or 88800 yuan, Wuling Xingguang sedan is officially on the market: CLTC pure electric battery 70 km Wuling Xingguang officially listed, positioning super A-class home sedan, with 70 and 150 km (CLTC) versions available, the official guiding price is 888,100,800 yuan, and the 20-day pre-sale order has exceeded 9000.

Wuling Xingguang is based on a new primary new energy architecture, equipped with two self-developed core technologies: "Wuling Lingxiao Hybrid system" and "Shenlian Battery", and finally achieved a power consumption of 3.98L / 100km (WLTC). > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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