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After New Zealand, mobile phones will be banned in Russian primary and secondary schools.

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery!, December 7, according to CCTV news, the Russian State Duma passed an amendment to the Education Law on the 6th local time, banning communication tools, including smartphones, in primary and secondary schools. The law will come into force on September 1, 2024. According to regulations, Russian primary and secondary schools can only allow the use of mobile phones for teaching purposes and in emergencies.

The bill does not specify where students should put their mobile phones, and the school will discuss these issues in detail with parents. In addition, the amendment to the Education Law also provides for the return of labour courses to school as a compulsory subject. noted that Russia banned the use of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools last year. Russia's TASS news agency reported on August 31, 2022, Sergei Kravtsov, Russia's minister in charge of basic education, said on August 31 that according to new health regulations, Russian primary and secondary school students are prohibited from using mobile phones in class since the new semester of that year. Speaking to the parents of Russian students, Kravtsov said, "with regard to classroom problems, according to the new health regulations, the use of mobile phones in class will be banned from the new semester to prevent mobile phones from distracting students from listening to lectures."

A previous poll in Russia also showed that half of teachers supported a total ban on the use of mobile phones in schools, but only 30% of parents approved the idea.

Not only Russia, but also some countries have announced that mobile phones are banned in primary and secondary schools. On December 1, local time, New Zealand's new Prime Minister Christopher Laxson said that he would promote the ban of mobile phones in primary and secondary schools across the country within 100 days of taking office, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of mobile phones interfering with classroom order and let students concentrate on class.

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