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Narcissus oolong / Xuanmi barley: happy tea 0 card empty tea 2.7 yuan official promotion (Shang Chao 5.5 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Xi Tea Official Flagship Store]

Xi tea empty tea 500ml *15 bottles daily price 81.9 yuan, today can receive 42 yuan large impulse coupon, pay 39.9 yuan to get free of postage.

Narcissus oolong/black rice barley 2 flavors optional, all 0 sugar 0 calories 0 fat oh:

Tmall Xi tea empty tea 500ml *15 bottles without adding essence/instant tea powder coupon 39.9 yuan to receive 42 yuan coupon this time each ID can receive multiple coupons, order more.

Shangchao daily 5.5 yuan/bottle, this official promotion only 2.66 yuan/bottle, small partners can compare prices online before placing orders.

Without adding essence and instant tea powder, narcissus oolong is mellow and sweet, and black rice barley aroma is full.

This model is produced by an old friend "Dongyang Beverage (Changshu) Co., Ltd." This factory mainly produces bottled soft drinks of brands such as SanX Li, Yi X Garden, Xi Tea, Jia X Bao, Yi X, Ba X Tea Industry, WuX Good Products, Chao X Beer, Xin X Wang Dairy, Di X Nong, etc. The daily price of these brand drinks is mostly above 5 yuan.

Tmall Xi tea empty tea 500ml *15 bottles without essence/instant tea powder coupon 39.9 yuan get 42 yuan coupon

Tmall has no threshold red envelope up to 8888 yuan, draw once a day: click here to draw red envelope.

Welcome to download the most will buy App -good goods good price, high rebate, 1 cent can also withdraw cash!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic identification platform).

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