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There is a time-limited discount for many models of Yueda Kia, and the expansion of Lion Platinum has dropped 30,000 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- December 7 news, Yueda Kia officially announced recently for a number of its models to open time-limited discounts, from now on to December 31, purchase EV5, EV6, Jiahua, Lion Platinum extension, Setus, new K3 and other models, can enjoy multiple preferential policies. noticed that Lion Platinum dropped by 30000 yuan, with a direct purchase price of 149800 yuan.

Specifically, consumers can enjoy 20% discount for buying EV5 in one year / up to 130000 interest in 2 years / financial discount of up to 100000 in 3 years (one of three), 5-year or 100000-kilometer warranty, 8-year or 150000-kilometer warranty, 7000 yuan replacement subsidy, 5-year free unlimited full data flow, and old car owners can also receive 2-year compulsory insurance or 2-year charging points as well as thousands of yuan boutique gift bags.

Consumers can enjoy free household charging piles or charging points worth 2500 yuan when purchasing EV6, financial discount of up to 21000 yuan, replacement subsidy of 10000 yuan, subsidy of 3000 yuan for additional customers, free Kia Connect service for 5 years (excluding iqiyi), 5-year or 100000-kilometer warranty for the whole vehicle, 8-year or 150000-kilometer warranty for Sandian (lifetime warranty for the first non-operating vehicle main power battery), free 24H road rescue for life for the first owner (warranty), The first car owner has 4 free door-to-door services (maintenance, pick-up and delivery, tire repair, valet charging) And eleven rights and interests such as a boutique gift bag worth 3000 yuan.

Consumers can enjoy a purchase tax subsidy of 13000 yuan, an insurance subsidy of 6000 yuan, a fuel subsidy of 10000 yuan, a financial discount of up to 7800 yuan, a premium exchange subsidy of 3000 yuan, a family travel fund worth 3000 yuan, and a chance to win surprise awards such as MacBook and iPhone14.

The direct purchase price of Lion Platinum has dropped by 30000 yuan, and the direct purchase price is only 149800 yuan. Consumers can enjoy 15000 yuan purchase tax subsidy, 5000 yuan insurance subsidy, 5000 yuan fuel subsidy, 5000 yuan car purchase subsidy, and up to 11000 yuan financial discount. Replacement customers can also enjoy a subsidy of 3000 yuan.

Starting from 99900 yuan, consumers can enjoy 8500 yuan in purchase tax subsidy, 4000 yuan in insurance subsidy, 4000 yuan in fuel subsidy, up to 5000 yuan in financial discount, 2500 yuan in replacement allowance (non-replacement allowance of 1000 yuan per Taiwan), 6 free maintenance in 5 years, repurchase / exchange of boutique gift bags by customers with thousands of yuan, and a chance to win awards such as MacBook, iPhone14 and so on.

The new K3 is a global model in the Kia sedan sedan market. Consumers can enjoy a purchase tax subsidy of 9000 yuan, an insurance subsidy of 4000 yuan, a fuel subsidy of 5500 yuan, a value-added benefit package of 1200 yuan, and a financial discount of up to 9.000 yuan. And 2500 yuan / Taiwan replacement allowance (non-replacement 1000 yuan / Taiwan allowance) and other six gifts.

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