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Why on earth is it important that everyone is making a cloud backup?

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In the process of high-speed operation and operation, enterprises often encounter data security. For example, the host hard disk failure, old equipment led to the loss of data; application systems, databases and other BUG; network security devices have been deployed, 0Day vulnerabilities and other security problems still exist and so on. Data security measures in advance and in the event are difficult to be foolproof, and ex post measures are particularly important. Cloud backup, as a safe and reliable cloud "box" for enterprises, has become the last line of defense for data security.

Tianyi Cloud launched Cloud backup CT-CBR (hereinafter referred to as "Cloud backup"), a backup product based on cloud native technology, to provide users with the ability to back up and restore CVM file data, ensure the safe operation of users' business in the event of virus, erroneous deletion, software and hardware errors, and reduce economic losses.

Tianyi Cloud backup has three advantages: easy to use, cost-effective, safe and reliable.

1. Easy to use

Tianyi Yunyun backup configuration is simple, convenient and easy to use. Users can complete the backup of file data in ECS CVM by creating a backup repository, installing a backup client, and creating a backup plan.

Backup repository is a component used to store user backup data, which is based on Tianyi distributed cloud storage technology, supports flexible capacity expansion and high reliability.

The backup client is a component deployed in the ECS CVM to backup / restore file data. Users can install the backup client to the ECS CVM to be protected with one click through the cloud backup console.

Backup plan is the logical unit that defines data backup, including backup target CVM, backup directory, backup cycle, backup data retention policy, backup repository and other information. After the backup plan is defined, cloud backup will automatically perform backup operations for CVM file data according to the backup plan.

Second, economic and efficient

Tianyi Cloud backup is based on self-developed re-deletion technology to save storage space and achieve efficient use of resources. Generally, backup copies of multiple historical time points are retained when making a backup, so that in case of a failure, the business data can be restored to the state before the failure. However, it will also cause the storage space occupied by the backup data to be much larger than that actually occupied by the user's production data. At the same time, there may be a lot of the same data in different CVMs of users, such as the same version of operating system, application software, configuration files and so on. When performing backup operations for these CVMs, the backup system will back up multiple copies of the same or similar data.

Tianyi Cloud backup is based on the self-developed variable length re-deletion algorithm, which can intelligently identify the duplicate data in users' backups, and only store the re-deleted data. The re-deletion ratio of typical scenes can reach 30:1, which greatly saves storage space and reduces users' TCO.

Third, safe and reliable

Tianyi Cloud backup saves user backup data in cloud storage, which supports flexible expansion and high reliability. Cloud storage has a large amount of storage space. Under the symmetrical distributed architecture, the theoretical capacity can be expanded infinitely, and it supports online expansion. The implementation process is uninterrupted, and users do not need to worry about the lack of backup storage space and capacity expansion. At the same time, Tianyi Cloud backup provides multiple redundancy architecture design at disk level, device level and cabinet level, which can provide reliable guarantee for data persistent storage, and the data persistence is not less than 99.99999999%.

Tianyi Cloud backup can be used in industries with high requirements for data security, such as government affairs, energy, education, etc., to provide backup / recovery functions for important data stored in the CVM, such as phone bills, financial statements, OA documents, codes, etc.

In the government scenario, many government functional departments have a large number of unstructured file data, such as videos, pictures, electronic files, and so on, which need to be backed up periodically. In order to meet the regulatory requirements, some of the key data need to be retained for several months to several years. This has led to high government backup costs. At the same time, "GW0013-2017 National E-Government Extranet Standard: government Cloud Security requirements" proposes that government cloud computing infrastructure should be built and protected in accordance with the third-level protection requirements in the national standard for network security level protection. In the third-level protection, disaster preparedness construction is required to meet the standard of "local data backup + remote real-time backup + high availability of the system". Through self-developed re-deletion technology, Tianyi Yunyun backup can achieve the re-deletion ratio at 30:1 in typical backup scenarios, which can meet the demand of reducing cost and increasing efficiency when backing up massive data in government scenes.

In the scenario, some small and medium-sized institutions lack the capacity of information technology construction, but their own business systems are complex and numerous, and there are many kinds and quantities of business data that need to be protected, so how to carry out backup management has become a great challenge. According to the policy requirements such as "Banking Institution Information system risk Management guidelines" and "Industrial Information system disaster recovery Management guidelines", the banking industry needs to meet the minimum level 3 disaster preparedness level, and the minimum industry needs to meet the second level disaster preparedness level. and data local backup is required. Based on Tianyi Cloud backup, organizations can simply and quickly configure CVM file data backup without operation and maintenance backup server and backup storage, reducing the complexity and cost of their own backup system management and operation and maintenance.

In the challenging digital age, data security needs to be prepared in advance. Tianyi Yunyun backup is based on three major advantages to help enterprises build a convenient and reliable data security dam on the cloud, and escort enterprises to develop steadily and with high quality.

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