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Realme true self GT5 Pro mobile phone release: equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8, superlight shadow image, the first sale from 3298 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, oh _ woman's clue delivery! December 7 news, realme held a true self GT5 Pro conference this afternoon, officially released the true self GT5 Pro mobile phone, the new phone is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8, super light shadow image, the price starts at 3399 yuan, and the first sale starts at 3298 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the true self GT5 Pro uses the Xingyao orbit lens design, the industry's first superhard aluminum metal frame, which is officially said to be stronger than titanium alloy. There is straightness in the screen music. Officials say it has both a straight screen look and a curved screen feel, and the width of the chin is only 1.94mm, which is said to challenge the narrowest chin of the curved screen.

True self GT5 Pro offers three kinds of color matching, among which "Red Rock" and "Haoyue" use high-grade technology nano-skin, more than 500,000 times wear-resistant, and "Starry Night" color matching uses starry AG glass technology, light and shadow like stars.

In terms of performance, the true self GT5 Pro is equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 8 processor, uses 3VC iceberg heat dissipation system, has an area of up to 12000mm ²and has six times the equivalent thermal conductivity. In addition, it also launched the geek performance panel 2.0 and opened GPU+CPU dual scheduling for the first time.

The true self GT5 Pro launched the extraordinary electric competition light pursuit engine, the first batch supports "against the cold water" the mobile game light trace 2.0. Support game dedicated memory Pro, 2160Hz e-sports touch engine, the industry's first diaphragm touch mode to optimize screen touch & edge touch, burning mode to adapt to the mainstream heat dissipation back clip.

In terms of image, the true self GT5 Pro adopts a new superlight shadow imaging system: equipped with Sony's double flagship light and shadow lens, and the algorithm of the superlight shadow engine is fully upgraded. The new machine has a rear 50MP camera (Sony LYT-808,1/1.4 ", OIS) + 8MP Ultra wide Angle Macro (Sony IMX355) + 50MP latent telephoto (Sony IMX890), which supports long focal macro. Front 32MP (Sony IMX615) camera.

According to reports, the new machine is equipped with Sony metaphor LYT-808 super light shadow main shot, light and shadow more than 1 inch, support AI semantic perception, picture quality enhancement, computing light and shadow, and comprehensively improve the image effect; support superlight shadow capture, achieve 00:00 lag HDR ultra high dynamic range; support ProLight super night view, RAW domain lossless processing, restore night color.

True self GT5 Pro also combines Qualcomm and Hongrou's first super core telephoto imaging system, equipped with IMX890 superlight periscope telephoto, has a flagship camera level sensor, which claims to challenge the industry's largest bottom periscope telephoto, supports 3X optical zoom, 6X lossless zoom, telephoto close-up, dim telephoto portrait, and the new machine is the first Android telephoto and master camera to support Dolby horizon HDR shooting, up to 4K format.

In terms of screen, True self GT5 Pro and BOE jointly customize the matchless screen, which claims to challenge the strongest 1.5K screen in the world, leading the screen brightness into the 4K + era. The new machine adopts 6.78 inch 2780 × 1264 OLED screen, BOE S1 luminous material (that is, BOE X1), has the highest peak brightness 4500nit in the industry, manual brightness to high 1000nit, global brightness to 1600N; support Pro-XDR high dynamic display, Dolby horizon HDR video playback; support extreme eye protection, the new generation of 8T LTPO, 2160Hz PWM dimming, high brightness DC dimming, obtained Rhine global eye protection 3.0 certification. In other aspects, the new screen supports 144Hz refresh rate, 2160Hz instantaneous touch, 20000 dimming, custom refresh rate.

True self GT5 Pro is equipped with 5400mAh giant battery, supports 100W light speed flash charge, and carries 50W wireless flash charge for the first time, and launches AIRVOOC 50W wireless flash charge base at the same time, the price is 329RMB. The new machine also supports USB3.2, providing maximum 1TB storage.

In terms of system, the GT5 Pro debut shipped with realme UI 5.0.It provides 4 years of system update and maintenance, and 3 major Android version updates. Realme UI 5.0supports a new interactive form of fluid cloud with notification and reminder at a glance; document management supports file transfer station, portable workbench and file opening at will; new Xiaobu intelligent assistant can automatically generate copywriting and exclusive service recommendation; flash matting supports accurate identification of people / animal subjects, making it easy to achieve hair-level matting.

It is worth mentioning that the real me GT5 Pro is also the industry's first rapid palmprint unlock, the official said that through more than 10,000 model training, comparable to the face unlocking speed. This function also supports "AI gesture manipulation": 12 kinds of empty gestures to realize the whole scene interspace interaction such as moving and sliding.

GT5 Pro starts pre-sale at 15:30 today and goes on sale through all channels at 10:00 on December 14. The first sale is limited at RMB101.The specific price of is as follows:

12GB+256GB, the initial launch time limit is 3298 yuan.

16GB+256GB, the initial launch time limit is 3598 yuan.

16GB+512GB, the initial launch time limit is 3898 yuan.

16GB+1TB, the initial launch time limit is 4198 yuan.

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