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Wuhan issued 10 million yuan "fuel + new energy" car consumption coupons on December 12.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 7, according to the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Wuhan will launch the "2023 Wuhan 'year-end Winter Suiyuan New year Welcome Spring' series of car consumption promotion activities" on December 12, launching a number of preferential car purchase policies online and offline. noted that Wuhan will issue 10 million yuan of "fuel + new energy" car purchase vouchers, and consumers will enjoy subsidies after uploading materials on the cloud flash payment platform. The details of the activities will be officially released and implemented at the "double Twelve launch ceremony", which will be held in Hanyang Moore City on the morning of December 12.

While introducing a number of preferential policies for car purchase, more than 10 activities to promote consumption will be held in accordance with the overall framework of the "1144", including "1" launching ceremony activities and issuing "10 million yuan" car consumption coupons. Hold "4" car shows and sales (double Twelve car purchase Carnival, warm Winter Automobile consumption Show of Winter Fair, Community Exhibition and sales activities of cars entering the convenient Life Circle for 15 minutes, Winter Holiday teacher car purchase Festival) Carry out the "4" theme activities (release the second edition of Wuhan car purchase map, launch the Spring Festival car consumption guide, promote car consumption loan discount activities, and carry out consumer satisfaction evaluation activities).

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