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New Breakthrough in Quantum Computing: performing complex error Correction Quantum algorithms on 48 logical Quantum bits

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua) researchers have successfully implemented large-scale algorithms on an error-correcting quantum computer with 48 logical qubits and hundreds of entanglement logic operations.

This marks a major breakthrough in the field of quantum computing, lays a foundation for the development of truly scalable and fault-tolerant quantum computers, and brings new breakthroughs to solve practical classical thorny problems.

QuEra Computing announced that it had made this breakthrough in a joint experiment in close cooperation with Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and NIST / UMD. The results were published in Nature.

Unlike standard qubits (qubits), logical qubits (logical qubits) can better perform calculations that are not affected by errors, which makes the new device a potentially important step towards practical quantum computing.

IBM and California-based Atom Computing have launched devices with more than 1000 qubits, almost three times the size of previously largest quantum computers.

However, after these quantum computers improve their qubits, because larger quantum computers usually make more mistakes, they do not greatly improve their computing power.

To create a quantum computer that can correct errors, researchers and several scholars from QuEra, a quantum computing startup in Boston, focused on increasing the number of logical qubits, which are groups of qubits connected by quantum entanglement.

The researchers first placed thousands of rubidium atoms in a gasless container, and then used the power of lasers and magnets to cool the atoms to temperatures close to absolute zero, highlighting their quantum properties and making it easy for scientists to hit atoms with lasers to control the quantum state of atoms with great precision.

The researchers first created 280 qubits from the atom and then used another laser pulse to entangle these qubits to form a logical qubit.

Researchers have successfully produced up to 48 logical qubits at a time, more than 10 times the number of logical qubits previously created.

"having so many logical qubits is a big deal," said Mark Saffman of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "it's a great result for any quantum computing platform." attached the reference address of the paper: Bluvstein, D., Evered, S.J., Geim, A.A. Et al. Logical quantum processor based on reconfigurable atom arrays. Nature (2023). Https://

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