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Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council sets up a new artificial intelligence company, AI71

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In the era of rapid development of artificial intelligence, the Abu Dhabi Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) took another bold step and established a new artificial intelligence company, AI71. Based on the Falcon generative artificial intelligence model of the Institute of technological Innovation (TII), the entity will explore a number of areas while providing artificial intelligence data management services to companies and government departments seeking autonomous hosting to improve privacy security.

The AI71 inauguration ceremony was launched by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Committee Khalid Ben Mohamed Ben Zayed Al-Nahayan, attended by a number of ministers and representatives of leading multinational technology companies.

Previously, ATRC's Institute of technological Innovation developed the Falcon7B, 40B and 180B language models (LLM). This time, VentureOne (ATRC commercialization platform) plans to push AI71 into a number of markets, especially in education and law. AI71 will provide access to a large number of anonymous databases in these vertical areas, which contain a rich variety of demographic data. Compared with other important artificial intelligence markets today, AI71 has a key advantage: the highly digital and relatively mature electronic infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates.

Through partnerships and collaboration, AI71 will help customers build AI models, access complex data repositories, and improve the accuracy of generative AI models. More importantly, AI71 will achieve decentralized data ownership, giving customers control of their own data. The product will set new standards for data privacy and security, showing greater advantages over other artificial intelligence model projects in terms of data sovereignty. For companies, large companies and foreign government entities eager to ensure data privacy, AI71 will be an important option to change the rules of the game.

AI71 supports the participation of the whole society, artificial intelligence technology should not only be in the hands of a small number of people, but should be accessible to more people to promote creative innovation. The establishment of this artificial intelligence company marks the arrival of the era of knowledge economy in the United Arab Emirates and further strengthens the position of the United Arab Emirates in the AI competitive landscape.

Faisal Al Bannai, secretary-general of the Advanced Technology Research Council, said: "in the UAE, cooperation is not just a practice, it has been integrated into our DNA." At the core of AI71, our Falcon generative artificial intelligence model empowers developers, companies, and government entities and helps them gain autonomy in data. We are also firmly committed to permanently opening up the Falcon artificial intelligence model, because only by nationalizing these valuable data resources can we truly benefit the whole society. "

The first frontier application of AI71 will focus on optimizing diagnosis, reducing the time cost per patient and improving the accuracy of decision-making. The education and legal departments will also introduce the function of generative artificial intelligence to introduce innovative solutions that can promote social development.

AI71 is working with seven partners in the ecosystem. The seven partners are the Abu Dhabi Government support Department, which centrally manages more than 30 government entities through digitalization, the State Ministry of artificial Intelligence, Digital economy and telecommuting practices in the United Arab Emirates, World wide Technology, which jointly develops integrated local artificial intelligence solutions, CNTXT, which provides data marking and annotation services, Hub71, which attracts and expands technology and artificial intelligence start-ups. PricewaterhouseCoopers Middle East Office, which provides solutions to customers And AWS, which provides computing power.

In the foreseeable future, artificial intelligence will gradually change the way we live and work. AI71 hopes to provide more services for enterprises according to the needs of the industry, and promote the application of artificial intelligence in a wider range of fields. As AI71 has an impact on enterprises, industries, and governments, VentureOne will launch new professional services to meet the growing needs of various industries.

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