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Welcome change and high growth! Weizi likes the attack of the fourth China Enterprise Live broadcast Innovation Summit in 2023.

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Under the background of the extensive integration of the new generation of information technology and the real economy, live broadcast has become an important tool for enterprises to realize digital transformation because of its strong adaptability to traditional enterprises and easier to match with the internal business structure of enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency. At the same time, the combination of big data, artificial intelligence technology and live broadcast also makes the live broadcast content more three-dimensional, users feel more immersive and interactive, and the further expansion and optimization of enterprise live broadcast application scenarios presents more opportunities for the enterprise live broadcast market.

Up to now, the popularization rate of corporate live broadcast in science and technology, fast consumer, education and other industries continues to increase. According to the industry consultation data, it is estimated that the size of China's SaaS-level enterprise live broadcast market will grow to 23.27 billion yuan in 2023. However, due to the fierce competition in the live broadcast field and the fading of the demographic dividend, how to achieve long-term growth in the diversified and highly competitive market has become a problem that many enterprise brands are thinking about.

On December 20, the "2023 fourth China Enterprise Live Broadcasting Innovation Summit" hosted by Weizan arrived as promised! Gather the elite leaders of the industry, deeply analyze the trends and practical information of the enterprise live broadcast industry in the digital age, and bring new paths and methods of marketing growth. The summit will be broadcast live online on the WeChat platform.

Focus on technological change in the industry, explore live marketing new business type

As a digital tool for efficient connection and communication, live broadcast has become a standard for enterprise marketing. In the era of stock, the cost of obtaining traffic continues to rise, and the more refined private live broadcast mode has also become the key to the breakdown of enterprise traffic.

How can enterprises reduce the cost of traffic migration through private live broadcasting so as to achieve long-term retention of users? can technological innovations such as AI, artificial intelligence, audio and video inject fresh vitality into corporate marketing? How do brands in various industries use private domain to achieve fashion increment and release enterprise marketing value? The answer to everything lies in the fourth China Enterprise Live Innovation Summit.

It is reported that this summit will focus on "gathering industries to meet change and high growth" as the core topic, and invite experts in the fields of audio and video, cloud services, sports and sports events, household appliances, radio and television, and so on. from an all-dimensional and long-term perspective to explore how live broadcast technology integration can enable enterprise marketing to usher in change and growth in the context of technological innovation such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing.

Guests attending the summit included Cui Lipeng, director of audio and video products of Tencent Cloud, Xu Jianshu, director of Huawei Cloud Live products, Zhou Pengpeng, founder and CEO of Weizan, he Zuheng, vice president of Weizan, Yu Qingyang, director of live broadcasting of Guizhou Sanyan Culture Outdoor Sports and Sports events, qu Yongtian, general manager of Sophia SOFIER Electric Appliances, Zhao Kun, deputy director of Minsheng Program Department of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Media Center, Zhang Jinliang, Marketing Director / Senior Beauty Practitioner of Meitian Society.

Photo 1: praise the guest agenda of the fourth Chinese Enterprise Live Innovation Summit

2023 live broadcast influence list award ceremony

In addition, the "2023 Live influence list (VzanAwards)" launched by Weizan will also be released at the same time. This list has been successfully held for three years, aiming to select the most distinctive and superior benchmarking enterprise live studio. In previous years, China's big pharmacy, Yutong bus, Yangshengtang, LIVE Southeast, Hunan Economic Television, Shenzhen Radio and Television Group and other enterprise live studios were on the list with excellent live performance.

Through the process of signing up for primary selection, expert selection and national voting, this year's live broadcast influence list will be selected from multiple dimensions: business value, communication value, content innovation, marketing circle, and brand influence. the final list of winners will be announced at the annual selection ceremony, and trophies and certificates will be awarded.

Figure 2: micro-likes 2023 live broadcast influence list selection

About the organizer

As a professional enterprise live broadcast marketing service platform, Weizan Live is committed to providing private marketing operation solutions for different industries and scenarios, and has led the enterprise live broadcast service market for 5 consecutive years. So far, Weizan has deeply served 1 million + enterprises, including Tencent, Ping an of China, Zoomlion, GAC GROUP, Midea, Sofia, Yili and Hunan Radio and Television, with a total of more than 5 million live broadcasts, covering 500 million users in 221 countries and regions.

Standing at the turning point of live marketing traffic growth and technological change, Weizan invites you to participate in the fourth China Enterprise Live Broadcasting Innovation Summit in 2023! Event entry: links can be deleted according to media requirements)

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