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NEC full-color LED constant Crystal screen Lighting Literature Research Museum

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Technology leads the image upgrade, and literature drives the wheel of the times. Recently, NEC full-color LED constant crystal screen lit up a city literature research center, using 1.5-point distance E series LED-E015i, a total of 5 × 5 units, with excellent visual effects and color expression, interpretation of multiple-value literature, for the digital construction of public cultural venues to provide high-quality solutions.

As a model of NEC display products in the LED field, NEC constant crystal screen not only follows the professional technical genes of NEC display products for more than 40 years, but also gives full play to the excellent process design of Germany and the strict quality control standards of Japan.

Hot review advantages and highlights

Ultra-thin design, 7x24H long-lasting operation

The document research museum shows that the equipment has been upgraded and updated, and the user proposes that based on the existing decoration, the wall can not be damaged, the wall can be kept beautiful, and it is also convenient for future maintenance. Thanks to the unique circuit design and heat dissipation design of the NEC constant crystal screen E series, it not only supports double backup redundant power supply, can be used for super long 7x24H, but also depends on the thickness of the E series only 29mm, thin appearance and flexible size configuration, ingenious fitting to the wall. The former maintenance product design and 50% weight compared with the "light body" of the same grade products provide convenience for installation and debugging, complete the construction efficiently and well, and win the praise of users.

High contrast, highlighting the level of the picture

The special dark matte coating process makes the ink color of the NEC constant crystal screen highly consistent and the screen black more pure. The contrast of up to 1200000 NEC 1 can well show the picture level and rich details; in the bright exhibition hall such as the document exhibition hall, the excellent anti-specular function of the constant crystal screen is not affected by ambient light, which can effectively avoid the impact of reflected light on the picture, and enhance the publicity efficiency of the pavilion through vivid image interpretation.

Wide color range, restore the colorful world

NEC constant crystal screen E series can show a wide range of colors (Adobe: 98%, DCI:92%), through a wider range of color display, richer color types, restore the real color of the world. Natural and exquisite color expression, showing radio and television-level professional visual effects, fully meet the high-quality needs of users for literature pictures and text, image display.

A wide perspective to break the limitations of space

The NEC constant crystal screen uses lamp beads with higher spectral consistency, which makes the screen picture uniformity ≥ 98%. The lamp beads have been strictly screened and adjusted, resulting in high light consistency. The E series can view the picture at a visual angle of 140o, and the screen brightness and color performance are not distorted.

More overseas applications

Dow Jones Corp.


Stanford University

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Royal Opera House

With the acceleration of digital transformation, whether in the field of traditional advertising and public information display, or focusing on high-standard, high-quality retail, radio and television, film and television production and other industries strive for excellence in the display experience. The successful delivery of this project not only demonstrates customers' recognition of the strength of NEC Hengjing screen, but also continues to inject new momentum into the domestic high-end display market. NEC display products are developed with cutting-edge technology, excellent quality, and lead the upgrading and renovation of visual images. "

-- National Director of NEC full-color LED Hengjing screen

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