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Qinghai Unicom "Unicom serves well and works hard for customers" quality service warms the plateau-- window service promises activity media for the people

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Shulou( Report--

On December 1, Qinghai Unicom launched the campaign of "Unicom serves customers with good intentions", quality service, warm plateau window service, commitment to the people, media line (Qinghai Station). Invite regulatory units, media and customers to come into Qinghai Unicom to understand the service content of the five major windows of Unicom, and experience Unicom's considerate, efficient and convenient quality service through on-site observation.

It is reported that "Unicom serves customers with good heart" quality service warm plateau window service commitment activity is an important measure to further help create "near Yueyuanlai" service reputation after the service pacesetter competition in 2022. Qinghai Unicom, through the release and implementation of service promises, encourages front-line service personnel to examine service norms, practice "keeping up with benchmarking" with practical actions, find gaps and make up for weaknesses, and enhance customer reputation.

At the same time, Qinghai Unicom continues to deepen the practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses", help to achieve "a sense of security for the elderly" and "support for the weak", and launch the service of "public welfare transmission of love" to help the people. to provide customers with intelligent and convenient intimate services, and actively practice the responsibilities of central enterprises. In 54 business halls in the province, warm heart services such as hot water / charging / rest are provided for the police, sanitation, couriers, etc., and more than 600 public welfare science services are organized and carried out online and offline throughout the province. launched smartphone use, anti-fraud knowledge, technology to help the elderly and other publicity, serving tens of thousands of times.

"as a branch of China Unicom in Qinghai, Qinghai Unicom actively undertakes the responsibility of political, economic, social, scientific and technological innovation of central enterprises and serves local economic and social development. We should give full play to the role of 'digital information infrastructure operation and service national team, the main force in the construction of digital China's intelligent society, and the vanguard of digital technology integration and innovation', and interpret the original intention of 'people's posts and telecommunications for the people' with practical actions." Hu Xiuqing, deputy general manager of China Unicom Qinghai Branch, introduced in his speech that Qinghai Unicom actively integrated into the main battlefield of digital Qinghai construction, and successively created a number of information benchmarking projects, such as intelligent cultural brigade, intelligent salt lake, intelligent fire protection, intelligent community, digital village, and so on, focusing on promoting the construction of the "four places" of the industry, and helping to build a modern industrial system in Qinghai. We will thoroughly implement the strategy of strengthening the country through the network, vigorously promote the construction of information infrastructure, comprehensively build "four high-quality networks" of 5G, gigabit, government and enterprise, and computing, integrate internal and external resources, and reshape the capacity pattern. Make use of the capability of the data platform and the advantages of the three Rivers Source big data base to enable the digital transformation of thousands of industries to boost the development of digital economy in Qinghai.

Not long ago, Qinghai Unicom "Unicom Zhijia, Gigabit Master" brand refurbished released, committed to building a new industry standard of gigabit market track, showing customers a subversive, touchable gigabit brand. FTTR all-house optical broadband service is launched for home users, allowing network terminals to spread throughout every room through invisible optical fiber, opening the "last meter" blocking broadband network speed, providing users with a high-speed experience without dead corners throughout the house, and at the same time accessing through various intelligent terminals, maximally satisfying the high-quality experience of smart applications such as ultra-high definition video, cloud office, VR, security and so on.

At the event site, Ma Xiuying, general manager of the customer service department of Qinghai Unicom, introduced the whole event. At the same time, the customer representatives of Xining and Haidong Unicom shared the "fate story between Unicom and me" respectively. It tells the story of Qinghai Unicom staff's more humane, more affordable and more considerate service. Haidong Unicom users said in simple language: "if you must let me stand on the stage and give China Unicom an evaluation." If I give a score, I will add a 10yuan 10010 "to 100." Subsequently, the media team interviewed Wu Xingguo, the Guoluo government and enterprise customer manager who set up the Minxin Bridge on the plateau, the Hercynian government and enterprise customer manager who held up a city when Zhou Cairen, and the fire hero Huang Nanzhi's engineer Ji Hetajia. The deeds of several people all reflect Qinghai Unicom's high-quality service system of "strong quality, strong coordination, strong intensification, and strong ability", which is the embodiment of Qinghai Unicom's customer service with heart and emotion.

Subsequently, the media group went to the Huanghe Road business hall, and the media reporters interactively felt the brand-new digital life experience brought by Qinghai Unicom to customers in the intelligent terminal sales area, the Zhijia experience area, the business acceptance area, and the care and care rest area for the elderly. According to Zhu Xia, manager of the business hall, since Qinghai Unicom launched the "Unicom good service for customers" quality service warm plateau window service commitment activities, Huanghe Road business hall as the most direct point of contact with customers and an important window to show the service level of Unicom, strict benchmarking service standards and norms, high standards and high requirements, seriously solve the problems encountered by users in the use of Unicom business. In addition, every month, they will work together with the integrated grid and the community to carry out free blood pressure measurements, telecom fraud prevention publicity, general knowledge about the use of mobile phones in 5G terminals, and lecture halls for the elderly, which have been widely praised by the elderly.

In Qinghai Unicom Innovation experience Center, Yao Junxi, the government and enterprise account manager, serves as a real-life demonstration service for the media group. At the multi-functional comprehensive exhibition and operation center for the development of digital economy in Qinghai Province, the staff of Qinghai Unicom demonstrated the application of innovation and integration for the media group, through the explanation of all kinds of intelligent large-screen digital analysis and decision-making ability, it shows the intelligent level of the development of digital economy in Qinghai.

In the Wenting Lane community, Wenhui Road, West District, Xining City, the media group followed Guan Liting, an intelligent engineer of Qinghai Unicom, to learn about the smart big screen services provided by Qinghai Unicom to the Wenting Lane community. at the same time, Qinghai Unicom is carrying out special activities of "Wisdom to help the elderly". The staff explain in detail the knowledge related to telecom fraud and help the elderly download the national anti-fraud APP. Liu Cuiqing, secretary of the Wenting Xiang community party committee and director of the neighborhood committee, said: "after using the wisdom screen provided by Qinghai Unicom, we have realized hierarchical and hierarchical management, solved the needs of residents, and reduced the burden on community and property grass-roots managers. High-quality, intensive work to complete the construction of a new intelligent community, which has greatly improved the quality of work and the level of serving residents." She believes that Qinghai Unicom's service is enthusiastic, active, meticulous, thoughtful, and carefully deals with every problem, and expresses her gratitude to Qinghai Unicom for its support to the community.

It is understood that in June this year, China Unicom, together with the China quality Wanli Bank Promotion Association, jointly launched the "Unicom good Service for customers" window to serve the people. Qinghai Unicom took this opportunity to gather business hall, Zhijia engineers, government and enterprise customer managers, 10010 hotline and China Unicom App front-line service personnel to open the window to serve the people's commitment activities. Since July, the first batch of service stars of Qinghai Unicom have collectively spoken out, made public promises, and accepted the transparent supervision of the majority of customers. Up to now, 26 service stars individuals and 5 service stars collectives have been selected in the province.

The service is not the best, only better! Qinghai Unicom always adheres to the idea of people-centered development, and regards "whether the people support, approve, be happy and agree" as the starting point and foothold of customer service. Around the theme of "Unicom serves customers with good heart", by creating an atmosphere of striving for and cherishing honor, telling Unicom stories and spreading Unicom's good voice. With new weather, new as to promote Qinghai Unicom high-quality service to achieve a new leap!

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