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Exploring the way of Technology Endowment Social Development Sina News 2023 Exploration Conference will be held in Beijing

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2023 is an extraordinary year: China's economy is recovering strongly, the development of digital economy maintains strong momentum, and AI models erupt in an all-round way... Digital technology is fully integrated into all fields and processes of economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization construction with new concepts, new formats and new models, and further expands the boundaries and territory of digital economy, which has also become a key factor that can promote high-quality economic and social development.

On December 20, the 2023 Discovery Conference, co-sponsored by the Internet Society of China, Weibo and Sina News, will be held in Beijing. The theme of this conference is "Digital Power, Exploring No Dome." The conference will focus on hot topics such as technological innovation, integration of digital economy and the real world, set up cross-field cooperation and exchange platform in the form of keynote speech, round-table dialogue, etc., explore the new increase brought by innovative technology to social development, and talk about the new economic picture under the power of digital technology.

Technological Innovation "Variable" and Social Development "Increment"

The world is currently in a period of great technological change. With the rapid development of digital technology represented by information technology and artificial intelligence, human beings are entering an era of Internet of Everything integrating "man-machine and object." So, how to transform the "variable" of technological innovation into the "increment" of social development, create more high-level scientific and technological supply, and better serve economic and social development and people's livelihood improvement? In response, Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fan Gang, vice president of the China Economic System Reform Research Association, secretary general of the China Economic System Reform Research Association and director of the National Economic Research Institute, Gao Xudong, professor of Tsinghua University of Economics and Management, deputy director of Tsinghua University Technology Innovation Research Center, Zhang Xiuzheng, vice president of Huawei Company and president of Huawei Cloud China, and other guests will focus on "exploration: The topic of technological innovation 'variable' and social development 'increment', focusing on new changes and trends brought about by technological innovation for social and economic development, and jointly looking forward to more possibilities in the future.

High-quality development of digital enabling entity enterprises

In recent years, the digital economy has become the main engine for the high-quality development of China's economy. How to realize digital technology to help the real economy and stimulate new development momentum? Pan Jiaofeng, deputy of the 14th National People's Congress and president of the Institute of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Xiaoyang, Distinguished Professor of Fudan University and CCF / CAAI Fellow, Fu Sheng, Chairman and CEO of Cheetah Mobile and Chairman of Orion Star, Sheng Xitai, Founding Partner and Chairman of Hong Tai, will share new modes and methods for the integration of digital technology and real economy under the topic of "Transformation: High-quality Development of Digital Enabling Entity Industry," and jointly explore the road of integration of digital economy and the real world reality and the world.

Opportunities, Challenges and Changes in the Development of Large Models

With the birth of ChatGPT, AI development has entered the lane of light speed, and human beings have stood at the crossroads of technological development. Qin Bing, Professor of Computing Department of Harbin Institute of Technology, Deputy Director of Institute of Natural Language Processing and Director of Research Center of Social Computing and Information Retrieval, Wei Qing, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft (China), Liu Cong, Vice President of Science and Technology University and President of Research Institute, etc. will share and discuss how to move forward in challenges and changes in the first year of large model explosion and discover innovation in exploration. Boundary.

Yang Jing, founder & CEO of Xinzhiyuan, Chen Weipeng, general manager of Digital Entertainment Business Department of Shangtang Technology, and other guests will also exchange ideas and collide views in the round-table dialogue link with the theme of "AI era, innovation exploration of China's large model," discuss the latest progress of AI technology, and share the innovative exploration made by Chinese enterprises in the face of new opportunities of large model track.

2023 is at the historical turning point of digital economy from quantitative change to qualitative change, and subversive change is close at hand. The 2023 Discovery Conference hopes to let more people see the driving force brought by innovation and exploration spirit for social and economic development, see the distance between digital technology and ordinary people's lives getting closer and closer, and see the multidimensional vision of production and learning experts and innovation explorers. Together with the future, explore a brand-new picture of technological innovation enabling the digital economy!

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