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Ant e-sports ANT27VQ MAX,Ultrafast IPS rapidly refreshes awareness of LCD technology, high-end flagship e-sports configuration

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In recent years, e-sports industry is extremely hot, especially FPS, 3A masterpiece games are deeply concerned by e-sports players, we all want to get hard-core computer configuration, so that they are one step faster in the game. And the display is one of the essential e-sports good things, the right configuration is particularly important, Ant e-sports as a leading brand in the industry, it continues to develop a variety of advanced display screens, ANT27VQ MAX is its great success, equipped with Ultrafast IPS rapid LCD panel, break through the shackles of products, make up for the lack of the market, and bring perfect electronic competition screen for game players.

Ant e-sports, as a brand under Huike, has been specializing in high-end e-sports products since its establishment, bringing hard-core e-sports displays and peripherals, winning the hearts of professionals and trend players. Ant e-sports focuses on visual experience and performance experience, constantly improving their configuration, breaking through technical barriers, showing displays with high refresh rate, high color gamut and ultra-wide screen, and improving our experience value. After the launch of ANT27VQ MAX, many users are curious about what kind of panel it carries with Ultrafast IPS Fast LCD.

What is Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panel technology? Then compare TN and FAST IPS, when comparing the differences between them, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panel.

The first is the TN panel, which has the advantages of low cost, less output gray class, fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules and low response time, but it belongs to soft screen, water lines appear across fingertips, and color is prone to distortion and color deviation. Then there is the FAST IPS panel, which, as a fast LCD panel, has a sensitive response speed and improves the refresh rate of the screen. But Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panel technology covers their advantages, covering a wider range of color gamut than TN panel, and has higher refresh rate and response speed than FAST IPS panel. But the only drawback is the high cost of manufacturing. Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panels are usually used on high-end monitors, making every frame sharp and high-definition, showing a real silky running picture.

It is precisely because Ant e-sports 's display is equipped with Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panel, it has strong conversion ability when dynamic picture quality output, equipped with DP1.4 line, supports 2K resolution and high 360Hz refresh rate, and transmits 360 frames of picture data per second, bringing smooth picture quality experience. At the same time, when testing the OSD option in the ANT27VQ MAX menu, we can directly turn on the "Fast" mode and present the GTG 1ms response speed. Compared with other ordinary modes, the extreme speed mode makes the e-sports scene more silky and realistic, saying goodbye to the problems of residual shadow and motion blur.

When experiencing the multiplayer action competitive PC game "Forever robbery", it needs to maintain a high-definition picture at all times, while the game scene presented by ANT27VQ MAX is very real, showing silkiness between wielding sharp blades, allowing players to experience the national style of 3A masterpiece games.

In order to improve the details of the picture, ANT27VQ MAX reaches the HDR600 standard and supports the win10 system, with a peak brightness of no less than 600nit, which can balance the details of too dark and too bright in the picture, effectively sharpen the clarity, brightness and color expression of the screen, and bring a strong sense of layering. With 95% DCI-P3 gamut coverage, create Apple-level movie colors, let the natural and smooth transition between tones, and enjoy the quality of movies with special effects at home. After the test of the color analyzer, ANT27VQ MAX has reached the publicity standard in terms of color gamut, color accuracy and uniformity.

In the experience of "PUBG" (PUBG) shooting games, ANT27VQ MAX has superb color performance, bringing unprecedented visual sense for players, silky screen refresh rate, so that the area's weapons and props quickly present, random weather system can also be high-definition presentation, sunny day, dark back sun, not afraid of too dark and bright weather scenes, always provide players with lifelike and comfortable game scenes.

For example, when enjoying the beautiful scenery, it presents delicate picture details, plus full colors, so that the tone has a great sense of hierarchical beauty and amazes our vision. TN panel display, which is also equipped with 360Hz refresh rate, blindly pursues speed, but ignores the expressive force of color, so that although TN panel display has a smooth picture, the picture quality is relatively indifferent and distorted. This also highlights the color, refresh and response speed of ant e-sports ANT27VQ MAX.

Many monitors are equipped with G-Sync (compatible) screen anti-tear technology, which is based on the open source permission of AMD chip, which can solve the problems of vertical synchronization and refresh rate restrictions. In order to test whether ANT27VQ MAX is strong in G-Sync (compatible) screen anti-tear technology, compared with turning on and off G-Sync (compatible) technology, it is found that after opening G-Sync (compatible), in e-sports 's game. It can keep up with the speed of the picture without tearing and stuttering. In the CSGO game, it can clearly present first-person vision, keep up with the visual switching speed, quickly unlock a variety of e-sports pictures, so that players can easily upgrade.

As a competitive display, ANT27VQ MAX can provide a variety of game display mode preset values, including RPG, FPS, RCG, multiple game modes preset in the menu, which can be switched to the corresponding game mode with one click. With star sight, four different aiming points to meet the first-person vision, in the "PUBG" game, players can quickly switch aiming points according to their own habits to improve the playability of the game.

With a 2K resolution, the ANT27VQ MAX brings 2560 to 1440 screen pixels, combined with a peak brightness of 600 nits, and even if the screen icons and menus are magnified several times, it still presents a clear picture, allowing you to watch movies and games at will.

Compared with the traditional display, the ANT27VQ MAX has an adjustable bracket base, which can rise and fall, rotate left and right, pitch, adjust horizontally and vertically and VESA standard wall hanging with one hand, which is suitable for different users and can change their sitting posture at will. HDMI 2.1*2+DP 1.4 + USB 3.0 + Audio interface is added on the back, and the rich interface design meets our connection needs.

Like to play 3A masterpiece games and FPS games partners, Ant e-sports ANT27VQ MAX display is more worthwhile to get. It achieves the real sense of "fast and true", 360Hz high refresh rate, with 2K clarity, as well as professional-level color performance, allowing players to experience the "open hang" e-sports time, at any time to open 3A masterpiece games.

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