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Give happiness "a little more space", Huawei Cloud Space double Twelve all net plus two months

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Huawei Cloud Space value purchase activity double Twelve warm Heart continuation! From now until December 13, users who buy 200GB / 2TB annual package will give it away for an additional two months. Many pollen are loyal users of Cloud Space and launched a 50G capacity package early. With the increasing number of personal data, many people need more cloud space to meet their storage needs. If you miss the Singles Day holiday, come and upgrade your cloud space capacity now!

The New year's bell is getting closer and closer, whether you are reunited with your family or having fun with friends, you have to take out your mobile phone to pat and record happy moments, and if you want to keep these winter memories safely, you need Huawei Cloud Space as a reliable partner. Enable the cloud space gallery data synchronization feature, and the photos and videos can be uploaded to the cloud in real time. Unless manually deleted, the album content will always be stored safely. Cloud data will also be automatically synchronized to computers, tablets and other devices logged in to the same HUAWEI ID to keep the experience consistent. What is more worrying is that when the local capacity of the phone is urgent, open and release the local storage space. The original photos and videos of 30 days ago in the album will only be stored in the cloud, showing a small version locally, saving and not affecting daily viewing. Make room for more warm winter memories. Not only that, you can also automatically backup system and application data through cloud backup, even if the phone is damaged or lost, the data is still intact.

Don't worry that you can't use up the large-capacity cloud space by yourself. Users who use cloud space 200GB or above can add family members and turn on cloud storage space sharing in the HUAWEI ID settings, and share the capacity with their families. Each person's data is independent of each other, sharing space but not privacy, and the data is only visible to themselves.

In terms of security, cloud space encrypts the whole process of data in end-to-side, transmission and storage through multiple encryption measures, and malicious intrusion cannot be broken or solved. The data is encrypted before it is uploaded to the cloud, and is transmitted through a HTTPS encrypted channel. When storing in the cloud, the cloud space will not only back up the data with multiple copies, but also encrypt and store the data randomly, to ensure that the data will not be lost or leaked, so that only you can see your data.

The convenient, easy-to-use, secure and reliable experience makes Huawei Cloud Space an irreplaceable system-level cloud storage service for Huawei users. Whether you have just bought a new phone or want to make the old model more comfortable, Huawei Cloud Space is a treasure you can't miss. From now to December 13, users who buy 200GB / 2TB annual package will give you an additional two months, time-limited benefits and so on to get you to quickly open the cloud space. Click on the upgrade package to give happiness "more space"!

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