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Cisco launches Cisco AI Assistant Security Assistant, which can intelligently set up firewall rules to prevent hackers from attacking

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Shulou( Report--, December 7, according to an official Cisco press release, Cisco recently launched a security tool, Cisco AI Assistant, which claims to help users manage firewall rules and prevent hackers from breaking in.

Jeetu Patel, general manager of ▲ web security and collaboration business at Cisco, demonstrated the AI tool.

It is reported that users can enable Cisco AI Assistant-related functions in the Cisco Firewall Management Center (Cisco Firewall Management Center), and users will see an interface similar to ChatGPT, after which they are free to ask AI security questions in the dialog input box. noticed that Jeetu Patel entered "I need to update the firewall policy, which rules SalesApp is currently controlled by," and then AI listed the relevant rules and status.

▲ Source Cisco then typed in "A new rule called Application_Access that will block outbound traffic from SalesApp". AI asked whether to establish this rule and gave the option buttons of "Yes" and "No". When the user clicks "Yes", the new firewall rule will be established automatically.

In addition to being able to add firewall rules according to users' needs, AI Assistant will also actively provide advice to users. This AI tool can push a series of security analysis and optimization information for users to help users manage their devices.

▲ Picture Source Cisco said that in the future, officials will also expand the use of Cisco AI Assistant and deploy the AI to the conference platform Webex Control Hub and application platform Cisco Observability Platform:

In terms of Webex Control Hub, Cisco claims that future users can use AI to query the details of past meetings, learn about the highlights of the meetings, and ask "which colleague provided what insights."

In the case of Cisco Observability Platform, users can directly ask AI about an app and analyze the performance of the app, and AI assistants can automatically generate relevant chart reports or give further suggestions.

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