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Bull launched 240W X-Charger gallium nitride charger: 3C+1A four-port design, with data line to hand 666 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 7 (Xinhua)-- Bull recently launched a "X-Charger" 240W gallium nitride charger on the e-commerce platform, which uses a 3C+1A four-port design and is equipped with a data line (supporting 240W charging) for 666 yuan.

According to officials, the charger supports PD3.1 protocol, supports 240W dual-port full power output, while fast charging up to 140W for C1 and 100W for C2, and can intelligently allocate charging power according to equipment requirements.

In appearance, this charger has two colors of "glutinous rice white" and "pebble ash", and the plug wire is 1 meter long.

The detailed parameters of the attached charger are as follows: bull 240W gallium nitride charger 666 yuan direct link

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