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Huawei Digital Energy: plans to deploy more than 100000 liquid-cooled ultra-fast filling piles nationwide next year to achieve "where there is a road, there is high-quality charging."

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Snailwang for the clue delivery!, December 8, according to Huawei Digital Energy official account, during the World Congress of New Energy vehicles held on December 7, Hou Jinlong, president of Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said in a speech that it will promote comprehensive high-voltage and ultra-fast charging, and promote the high-quality coordinated development of new energy vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Hou Jinlong said that Huawei Digital Energy, together with customers and partners, plans to take the lead in deploying more than 100000 Huawei liquid-cooled ultra-fast charging piles in more than 340 cities and major highways across the country in 2024 to achieve "high-quality charging where there is a road".

According to reports, the main problems affecting users' choice of new energy vehicles are inconvenient charging, battery life anxiety and low performance-to-price ratio. Huawei Digital Energy believes that in every 1-2 km radius of the urban area, all highway service areas and gas stations, speed up the construction of high-quality charging infrastructure dominated by overcharging and fast charging, through "wide coverage" and "ultra-fast charging" means, can solve the charging problem and ease the anxiety of battery life.

In addition, this year Huawei DriveONE released a 900V electric drive platform, which claims to be able to charge 200km in five minutes. According to reports, Huawei Digital Energy, as an independent Tier 1 (traditional parts supplier model, supplying intelligent parts for car companies), has so far cooperated with more than 10 domestic car companies, and more than 50 models are equipped with related technologies.

Comprehensive previously reported that Huawei digital energy-assisted all-liquid-cooled supercharging stations have been built in Litang, Sangdui and other places on the Sichuan-Tibet line, as well as Guilin, Guangxi, and other places, claiming to be able to achieve "one second, one kilometer" charging experience, users can achieve "a cup of coffee, full charge."

Among them, the maximum output power of the full liquid-cooled overcharge station on the Sichuan-Tibet line is 600kW, the maximum current is 600A, and the charging range covers 200V-1000V; the maximum power of the charging host in the full liquid-cooled overcharge architecture started in Guilin, Guangxi reaches 720kW, which supports the flexible configuration of overcharge / fast charging and the maximum power 600kW of overcharge terminal through "power pooling and power flexible intelligent distribution technology".

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