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Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router BE3 Pro is sold today: 1000m network port version

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Huawei routing BE3 Pro, Huawei's first Wi-Fi 7 router, will go on sale at 10:00 today with a price of 399 yuan, reported on December 8.

According to, the router is equipped with quad-core Wi-Fi 7 technology and claims a maximum network speed of 3600 Mbps. Huawei routing BE3 Pro provides two versions, 1000m network port version 399 yuan, 2500m network port version 499 yuan, today's sale is 1000m network port version.

Huawei routing BE3 Pro supports dual-link aggregation of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, with a 92% increase in download speed and a 77% reduction in game latency. This product also uses the new 4K QAM modulation, which further presses the data density and can transmit more data at the same time, at a rate 20% higher than the 1024 QAM of Wi-Fi 6.

In addition, Huawei routing BE3 Pro added e-sports network port support to provide faster network connection speed and a more stable network experience.

Huawei BE3 Pro router is also pre-installed with HarmonyOS 4 system, which supports online care for children and intelligent acceleration of 160 + games. Huawei routed BE3 Pro399 yuan direct link

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