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Sega released a new notice, officially reproducing "Crazy Taxi" and other five classic games

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Shulou( Report--, December 8, SEGA announced at the TGA 2023 Awards ceremony today that it is remaking five classic games, including "Crazy Taxi" (Crazy Taxi). attached these five games as follows:

Crazy Taxi (Crazy Taxi)

Street graffiti (Jet Set Radio)

"Shinobi" (tolerance)

Iron fist of wrath (Streets of Rage)

Tomahawk (Golden Axe)

This is the first time Sega has announced that it will remake these classic games, and it is not clear how Sega will remake these games.

At present, there are two reproduction methods in the industry: Remake and Remastered, which can be regarded as "reproduction" in Chinese translation, but there are differences between them.

Remake is a new engine to reproduce old games, special effects, stickers and so on have been greatly improved, almost a new game, such as COD4 remake, biochemical Evil 0 HD, biochemical Evil 1 HD and so on.

Remastered is the old engine to change the skin, change high-definition stickers, casually add something, the whole and the previous game is not much different, such as the first two Bioshock, Grandia 2nd anniversary version, Dark Soul 1 and so on.

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