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The quark self-developed model has been put on record, claiming that "the score of the college entrance examination is close to full marks."

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 8, according to China Business report, a few days ago, the quark big model developed by Ali Intelligent Information Group has been put on record and will gradually upgrade content products and intelligent tools in the fields of general knowledge, health, creation, and so on, and a series of AIGC applications will be launched.

▲ graph source quark, the person in charge of quark, said that the quark big model is an applied large model for search, productivity tools and asset management assistants. In the search application, it will further broaden the application scene and enhance the user experience through multi-mode understanding of picture and text, professional knowledge generation and interactive innovation.

According to previous reports from, Alibaba's intelligent information industry group released a quark big model last month. The model will be applied to a series of quark's App, giving priority to information services such as general Q & An and professional search, turning App into a "AI assistant".

It is reported that the quark large model, known as "full stack self-research, hundreds of billions of parameters", ranks first in the performance evaluation of the CMMLU model, claiming that its overall ability has exceeded that of GPT-3.5, and is better than GPT-4 in some scenarios such as writing and exams.

According to official disclosure, in the domestic professional examination test, the quark model college entrance examination score is close to full score, and passed the clinical practitioner qualification examination with a score of 486. It also has the excellent ability to identify, answer and guide bad and false information.

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