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Miha travel time limit thanks gift: "original God" players send 800 original stones, "collapse: star Dome Railway" players send 1600 stars

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Thanks to netizens Xiao Zhan cut, keep clear online clues delivery! December 8 news, Miha Youyou's two games "original God"collapse: star Dome Railway" official Weibo has just announced that "original God" has been nominated for the "TGA 2023 Best continuous Operation Game" award, and "collapse: star Dome Railway" has won the "TGA 2023 Best Mobile Game" award.

The is summarized as follows:

"original God"

Thank you gifts for 800 raw stones will be sent daily via in-game mail to travelers from December 9 to December 12 at 00:00 on each server.

Collection time of the original stone by the end of version 4.3, every traveler who has reached level 7 or above can receive a total of 800 original stone gifts through in-game mail.

After receiving the mail, the mail is valid for 30 days.

"collapse: the Star Dome Railway"

Issued at 00:00 on December 9, Xingqiong * 1600 will be collected by players through the in-game mail system and will be issued to trailblazers with a development level of ≥ 4.

The email will last until the end of version 1.5 (06:00 on 2023-12-27).

In addition, "Breaking up: star Dome Railway" has also been nominated for the 2023 "Top Ten Games" list sponsored by the China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, the Game working Committee of the China Audio-Digital Association and the China Game Industry Research Institute.

Earlier this month, "Breakdown: star Dome Railway" mobile game won the "App Store 2023 Game of the year", "Google Play 2023 Game of the year" and other awards. In order to thank the players, you should send a thank-you gift of 800Xingqiong at 00:00 on December 1st.

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