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The 24-hour order of Wuling Xingguang model is more than 2000, and the cumulative order is more than 14000.

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, Wuling Motor announced that Wuling Xingguang listed 24-hour orders of more than 2000 vehicles, cumulative orders of more than 14000 vehicles. previously reported that Wuling Xingguang officially went on sale on December 6 and has two CLTC versions of 70 and 150 km, with an official guided price of 888,800 yuan and a 20-day pre-sale order that has exceeded 9000 cars.

Wuling Xingguang adopts the design concept of "Star Wing Aesthetics", equipped with spread-wing front grille, star color lamp group, full LED automatic headlights, star ring taillights; length, width and height are 4835mm, 1860mm, 1515mm, wheelbase up to 2800mm.

In terms of interior decoration, Wuling Xingguang provides two kinds of interior decoration: black dark color and quicksand color, and the front seat can be flush with the back seat cushion by 180 °; using double suspension screen design, the 70 standard version is equipped with 10.1 inch suspension intelligent central control screen + 7 inch full LCD instrument screen, and the 150 advanced version provides 15.6 inch intelligent central control screen + 8.8 inch full LCD instrument screen.

In terms of power, Wuling Xingguang is equipped with Wuling telepathic hybrid system, and the wind resistance coefficient is 0.228cddimWLTC standard comprehensive fuel consumption is claimed to be as low as 3.98L / 100km NEDC standard fuel consumption as low as 3.7L / 100km CLTC pure electric continuous flight has two versions: 70km and 150km.

The car is equipped with a 1.5L hybrid engine platform with a maximum thermal efficiency of 43.2%. The energy density of the "Shenlian battery" is greater than that of 165Wh/kg, and the charge and discharge efficiency is more than 96%.

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