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Ningxia's first domestic thousand-card smart computing cluster has signed a contract, and the Moore Thread Union can help promote the high-quality development of the western computing industry.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 7, under the guidance of the Development and Reform Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous region (referred to as the Autonomous region Development and Reform Commission), the 2023 "East and West" higher Education and Computing Industry Cooperation Summit sponsored by Yinchuan Energy Institute was successfully held. With the theme of "Mathematical Intelligence, Minning, Industry, Education and Innovation", the summit gathered representatives of government departments of Ningxia and Fujian provinces and regions, representatives of relevant universities, scientific research institutes, industry associations, and more than 100 people in charge of domestic enterprises in the field of digital economy. At the meeting, under the witness of the Autonomous Regional Development and Reform Commission, Zhongneng Construction Green Digital Technology (Zhongwei) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as: Zhongnengjian Digital Technology) and Moore Thread's "Ningxia domestic Thousand Card Intelligence Cluster Construction Project" held a grand signing ceremony, marking the official opening of Ningxia's first large-scale cluster intelligence center based on domestic full-function GPU. At the same time, Ningxia Public Intelligence Service platform, the first domestic public intelligence service platform supported by Moore Thread full-function GPU, has also announced the official launch of construction.

In the era of digital economy, computing power is the core engine of economic growth. With the acceleration of digital transformation and upgrading, the scale of intelligent computing continues to expand, of which 90% of the new computing power comes from GPU, while full-function GPU with modern graphic rendering, intelligent multimedia, AI computing acceleration and scientific computing power can play a solid role as a cornerstone of computing power in all kinds of intelligent computing scenarios. With intelligent, green and safe multiple computing power, we can effectively empower the important scenes of digital economy, such as intelligent computing center, digital twinning, large model, and so on, so as to build a solid foundation for the prosperity and development of strategic projects such as "East and West" and digital economy.

During the conference, the signing ceremony of Ningxia's first domestic thousand-card smart calculation cluster construction attracted a lot of attention. Moore Thread signed a project construction cooperation agreement with Zhongnengjian Digital Technology. The intelligent computing cluster will use full-function GPU of Moore threads to provide multiple computing support for multiple intelligent and high-demand scenarios such as artificial intelligence large model training / reasoning, 3D graphics rendering, high-definition video computing, physical simulation and scientific computing. At the ecological level, Moore Thread will make use of its own resource advantages to play a traction role in the fields of digital twin cities, digital, intelligent education, intelligent energy, intelligent transportation and operator business, and create typical demonstration scenes and applications of "counting from the east to the west". We will jointly consolidate the base of intelligent computing in Ningxia, speed up ecological construction, and promote the high-quality development of computing in Ningxia and the western region.

At the same time, the "Ningxia Public Intelligence Service platform" empowered by the large-scale cluster intelligence center announced the official start of construction. This platform is led by the Autonomous Regional Development and Reform Commission, with technical support from Beijing big data Research Institute, Pazhou Laboratory, Moore Thread, Ningxia University, etc., with domestic full-function GPU chip as the core, adopts the latest technology and architecture, aims to create the country's first fully autonomous and controllable intelligence service platform, and will provide convenient, efficient and high-quality intelligence resources for universities, scientific research institutions and start-ups in the autonomous region. To meet the needs of multi-scene intelligent computing, such as scientific computing, large model training, 3D graphics rendering, and to try and demonstrate the innovative development of domestic intelligent computing system.

In addition, Moore Thread also participated in the unveiling ceremony of the School of artificial Intelligence and Computing Industry of Yinchuan Energy Institute. As the leader of domestic full-function GPU, Moore Thread will strengthen the deep integration with colleges and universities, create an open MUSA software stack ecology, inject new momentum into the digital transformation of colleges and universities, empower professional training and scientific research innovation, explore new applications of educational digital scenes, and promote the upgrading of teaching and service models.

The strategy of "counting the east and counting the west" is a major national plan and a major basic project to realize a digital power. As the base of intelligent calculation in the era of digital economy, Moore thread will actively give full play to the advantages of technological innovation and ecological resources, contribute to the high-quality development of digital economy in Ningxia and even the western region, and join hands with more governments, universities and industry partners to explore and cooperate around digital agriculture, digital power, digital energy, intelligent education and many other key areas of digital economy to create more powerful intelligent solutions. To promote the strategic project of "calculating from the east to the west" and the development and upgrading of intelligent computing power and digital economy in the western region.

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