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Warm winter gift: Rome gift guide, please check

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Shulou( Report--

Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Day New year, several holidays have made their debut one after another, for young people, it has come to the annual "difficult gift-giving" season.

In order to give a high-quality human gift, the younger generation began to learn the "gift list" and "gift selection strategy" on social platforms. Opening the high-level list, they were scrubbed by all kinds of messages: "XXX Herm è s" and "so small that the recipient of the gift does not know the goods". As a result, when I came back from study, I not only became unable to give gifts, but also could not afford to give gifts.

There is no standard answer to gift giving, and young people still have to rack their brains year after year. In order to solve the trouble of giving gifts with one click, Rome has launched a double 12 gift guide to help you relax the ultimate meaning of get gift giving.

If you have new ideas and ideas, it's right to choose Rome.

Since December 9, the three official canals of Tmall, and Douyin in Rome have jointly created a theme activity of "good gift carnival without power outage", and created a "four good" gift shopping field of "good products, good prices, good welfare, and good scenes". Warm winter carnival presents good gifts, Rome launched a variety of good gift programs, come to pick year-end gift best solution!

There will be a big welfare show at the end of the year from 20:00 on December 9 to 24:00 on December 12. There is a huge discount on the prices of Tmall, and Douyin, and users who place orders still have a chance to get monthly music cards and cash cards. On the 9th and 12th, there are even time-limited and second price-cutting activities for the main products. There is a lot of carnival and courtesy! Rome not only gives a list of good gifts, but also with a variety of value benefits, which is bound to fill up the festive atmosphere at the end of the year. Let everyone who receives the gift reap a joy of excessive surprise, so that everyone can strongly replenish energy, spend the winter with full electricity, and welcome the new year in a state full of vitality.

More than ten years of deep ploughing in the industry, "small products" see "big clever thinking"

The exploration of "charging expert" is not achieved overnight, and users are regarded as the most important driving force and inspiration for Roman products. Rome firmly believes that a good product should be from the user's point of view, pay attention to the user's needs, use scenarios, habits and experience, in order to provide better results.

The environment is changing, and so are the needs of users. In response to the younger and personalized needs of users, since this year, Rome has not only pursued the ultimate product experience, but also paid more attention to the aesthetic design of products. For example, the new product of the year, "carrying electricity", is an insight into the pain point of outdoor charging, creating a mobile power product with large capacity, high power, fashionable appearance, light and portable, which landed in London Fashion week as a fashion item as soon as it was launched. it has become the first domestic charging product to land in International Fashion week.

In addition to the improvement of product power, the Roman brand moves frequently and continues to release the brand value. Whether it is the double 11 special project "charge, all is treasure", or double 12 "gift guide", it reflects that Rome not only provides users with the ultimate charging experience, but also brings healing emotions such as "small surprise" and "sense of achievement" to consumers.

Interpreting Rome's different actions this year, we can see the clever idea of the strategic layout of Rome's future brand, more than a decade of deep ploughing in the industry, building a brand moat with focus and love, and breaking user stereotypes. Rome will light up the future with a new attitude!

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