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Jiadalong new product notice: the first mahjong sound magnetic shaft will be released soon

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Shulou( Report-- December 8 news, Jiadalong will hold the 10th anniversary and new product launch on December 16. Today, officials issued a notice announcing a new product: the first mahjong sound magnetic shaft.

At present, Jiadalong has not released the detailed information of this mahjong sound magnetic shaft.

As previously reported by, Jiadalong released the KS-20 magnetic axis in June this year. Officials say the KS-20 magnetic axis not only retains the mechanical feel, but also maintains speed, which is different from notebook film keyboards and conventional mechanical spindles. The application of the magnetic shaft not only improves the feel of the mechanical shaft, but also highlights the conduction technology which can adjust the stroke during pressing. This shaft body allows players to automatically adjust the trigger distance between the ultra-short key range of the 0.4mm and the long key range of the 4.0mm. In summary, the user can automatically adjust the trigger key range of the magnetic axis keyboard to shorten the stroke to achieve fast trigger.

In November this year, Jiadalong released the KS 37B dual-rail magnetic axis. Jiadalong KS 37B double-rail magnetic shaft adopts mortise-like double-rail structure, square magnet, magnetic pole facing more freely, supporting multi-directional Hall induction; classic magnetic white, transparent upper cover + milky white shaft core + milky white bottom shell; appearance self-moistening, positioning column has been lengthened to make the shaft more stable; support custom key distance, zero noise, zero delay.

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