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Xuanpanda PD75M keyboard on the market: CNC six-series aluminum + anodizing + full-color screen + multimedia metal knob, the first 529 yuan!

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Recently, Xuanpanda has launched a new Xuanpanda PD75M aluminum Tuo keyboard, which is known as "Metal customization, HIFI Artist". It is a three-mode all-aluminum mechanical keyboard with two themes to choose from: organic Panda and Universe Panda.

Specifically, this Xuanpanda PD75M has a compact arrangement of 75% and a layout of 80 buttons. The shell is CNC six-series aluminum fuselage, the surface has been sandblasted with anodizing process, and the appearance is delicate and comfortable.

In terms of color theme, Xuanpanda PD75M Universe Panda is anode silver, elegant and luxurious, full of metal texture, while Anodic Black Mechine Panda is low-key and calm, full of advanced feeling.

At the same time, this keyboard also has a full-color screen + multimedia metal knob, on which there are radium carved little pandas, Kaihua custom shaft-Master super silver shaft and BOX ice cream shaft PRO MAX these two blessings, feel super comfortable, with leaf spring Gasket structure, every knock is more handy.

Among them, Master Super Silver Shaft is jointly customized by Xuanpai and Kaihua, lengthening POK axis, pure sound of touching bottom in advance, innovative POK+POM upper and lower cover, double-segment spring 20mm, total stroke 3.4mm, trigger stroke 1.2mm, large light guide column, factory run super smooth, fast trigger suitable for games, long-term code words.

And Kaihua BOX ice cream shaft ProMax, is in the classic ice cream shaft added a large light guide column, new POM PRO material blessing, long spring, strong rebound, BOX structure dustproof and waterproof, such as cream smooth, total stroke 4mm, trigger stroke 1.7mm, typing tone than super silver axis more subwoofer, very HIFI, daily office, typing, games.

In terms of buttons, Xuanpanda PD75M uses machine panda and cosmic panda two-color injection molding PBT original height keycap, more than 55% PBT content, two-color injection molding, five-sided thermal sublimation original design, a total of 19 kinds of lamp effect switch, lamp effect speed, light brightness adjustment, can also carry out volume control RGB lamp effect free switching, but also according to the music rhythm for dynamic changes.

In addition, this keyboard naturally also supports wired, 2.4G, Bluetooth three-mode connection, Bluetooth can switch three devices, built-in 5000mAh battery, can switch between Mac / Win dual systems

Filling structure, this keyboard uses PC positioning plate, Poron sandwiched cotton, IXPE shaft pad, PET sound pad and other materials to fill, but also a single-button slotted 1.2mm black oil white word PCBA,Poron slow rebound cotton, so sincere filling, with fine-tuning satellite shaft and Kaihua and Xuanpian jointly customized Master super silver shaft and Kaihua ice cream shaft ProMax version, so that you enjoy every knock.

In terms of packaging, Xuanpanda PD75M is packed in a thick Tiandi box, with the product name on the front and the product line block diagram and axle paste on the back, so you can see the shaft parameters purchased in detail.

Open the package, keyboard body, shortcut key card, manual, dustproof cover; accessories box has 27 supplementary key caps, 3 supplementary shafts, key extractor and a 1.8m A to C wire, which can be said to be fully equipped.

Metaphysical Xuanpanda PD75M aluminum tuo keyboard will be online at 8: 00 p.m. on December 9 self-management, the first 100 yuan "complete" aluminum tuo, knob, color screen, under the lamp, three models all at the same time, all configurations are full, the first discount master series super silver shaft 529 yuan, ice cream promax for 549 yuan, followed by electrophoresis and more colors, interested partners lock Xuanpai self-management store, do not miss! Xuanpanda PD75M 75 equipped with wired / Bluetooth / wireless three-mode customized mechanical keyboard Altuo PBT key cap hot plug RGB anode silver cosmic panda super silver axis Xuanpanda PD75M 75 wired / Bluetooth / wireless three-mode customized mechanical keyboard aluminum Tuotuo PBT key cap hot plug RGB anode black panda super silver axis 629yuan direct link

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