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Tencent party game "Yuanmeng Star" opens pre-creation today: create ID nickname in advance and launch on December 15.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 8, Tencent party game "Yuanmeng Star" is only 7 days away from its official launch. Pre-creation Corner is open today, you can create your favorite ID nickname ahead of time, and it will be officially launched on December 15.

Go to the pre-creation corner activity page to create role nicknames

After successful registration, unlock the new identity through the answer test and get the exclusive set.

Open the blind box to get a variety of limited edition fashion

Receive successfully and match at will.

Game introduction attached to

Enter the park, turn into Xingbao, laugh with the super-enthusiastic star friends at any time in the square, wag your tail and wave, you can happily turn on electricity ~ here is an infinite playground, there are all kinds of magical scenes: summer waterway, Stonehenge, air pipeline …... Go and fool around and break through! Or have a fierce showdown with Xingbao. Go to the jungle for happy shooting, go to the ring for a soft scuffle, and eliminate your opponent with a head mallet! Be careful! If you have more "open star" brains, join the Paradise Mystery Organization, DIY Star World Map, and let the whole universe enter your dream! Sign up for the park opening test immediately, get your park ticket, and laugh together!

Turn into Xingbao, wave happily and turn on electricity! Wag your tail, stick and hug, laugh with your super-enthusiastic star friends in the park square at any time ~ ride on the merry-go-round with them, jump into the pool party, board the hot air balloon around the field …...

Surprise start the group, be presumptuous and mischievous! This is an infinite playground with all kinds of sea, land and air facilities: summer silk slides, magical boulder maze, intricate air pipelines. Go fooling around and break through! Throw your teammates out and rush to the happy end! Or solve the riddle together with tacit understanding and escape from life. Also beware of banana peels thrown by various organs and opponents!

[hilarious scuffle, soft and cute fierce duel! Or, have a fierce showdown with the cute stars! One second in the jungle biubiu shooting, the next second in the ring happily fighting, but do not be deceived by other Xingbao shaking his head, you will be eliminated by them with serial mallets at any time!

Infinitely dream, light up the universe with creativity! Tate is a very important thing! If you have more ideas about "Open Star", the mysterious organization of Paradise is waiting for you to join-- DIY your map of the star world, and let the stars of the world immerse themselves in your dreams. Attention, not only that, but also a lot of surprise park projects, airborne park guests waiting for you to discover.

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