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Delicious with a good reputation: Jindi pure cocoa butter chocolate bar 0.6 yuan / official start again

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Shulou( Report--

[Jindi flagship store]

Jindi chocolate bars 13 * 3 boxes (a total of 468g) daily price of 39.8 yuan, you can get a limited edition of 15 yuan coupons, actually pay 24.8 yuan free delivery.

Gifts show that after the arrival of the goods can also save 2 yuan, equivalent to the hand price of about 22.8 yuan, you can consult customer service.

Tmall Jindi cherished chocolate bars 3 boxes of hazelnut sandwiches / brandy flavor coupons after 24.8 yuan 15 yuan coupons equivalent to 0.60 yuan each, flagship store with the same style on sale 13.9 yuan per box, about 1.10 yuan per piece: click here to see.

Jindi is a local chocolate brand in China (it was common in supermarkets two years ago), 0.5 yuan per really good price.

This time there are two flavors of original + brandy, pure cocoa butter + hazelnut / brandy, drooling when you think about it.

Made by the Swiss Chocolate Master himself, each chocolate bar is carefully concentrated, fragrant and crispy with a strong taste.

Ingredient list

Tmall Jindi cherished chocolate bars 3 boxes of hazelnut sandwiches / brandy flavor coupons after 24.8 yuan to download 15 yuan coupons can best buy App-online shopping, takeout are all a high rebate, a little bit big!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic recognition platform).

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