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Zhiji LS6 co-created Skyline LED through taillights online, and the models to be delivered next year will be upgraded free of charge.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of the clues of Frost Wind Shadow! December 8 news, Zhiji LS6 co-created Skyline LED through taillights officially launched, from January 2024 delivery of Zhiji LS6, will directly upgrade Skyline LED penetrating (single) taillights.

For Zhiji LS6 delivered in 2023, the official will provide free offline software upgrade service. Users can choose to illuminate the star ring LED ring taillights and adjust them to Skyline LED penetrating (single) taillights.

The upgrade service will be available from January 1 to December 31, 2024, and the exclusive service consultant will contact the car owner to confirm the relevant matters. At present, Zhiji LS6, equipped with the new Skyline LED penetrating (single) taillight lighting effect, has arrived in Zhiji exhibition halls all over the country. previously reported that Zhiji sold 8158 LS6 models in November, which went on sale on October 12 with a superimposed discount of 21.49-276900 yuan.

MAX Super performance version (702km dint 3.48s), RMB 276900

MAX super long-lasting version (760km 5.5s), 258900 yuan

MAX long-lasting version (680km focus 5.9s), 234900 yuan

MAX Standard Edition (560km, 5.9s), 214900 yuan.

Zhiji LS6 is equipped with a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system with a maximum power of 579kW 100km/h acceleration time of only 3.48s. It is also equipped with 800V fast charging technology, which can increase battery life 200km for 5 minutes and 500km for 15 minutes.

Zhiji LS6 length, width and height is 4904 * 1988*1669mm, wheelbase 2950mm, slightly smaller than Zhiji LS7; the aerodynamic pore design is adopted, and the wind resistance coefficient is only 0.237.

The car adopts "quasi-900V" double silicon carbide super performance platform, equipped with front and rear dual motor four-wheel drive system, total power 579kW, comprehensive maximum torque 800N m, maximum speed 21000 rpm, 100km acceleration time 3.48s, extreme speed reaches 252km/h, limit condition can reach 305km/h.

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