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Allegation that batteries pose a safety threat, Ningde era: businesses and products in the United States do not collect, sell or share data

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 8 (Reuters)-US utility Duke Energy said on December 6 that large batteries made in the Ningde era had been disconnected from Camp Lejeune of the North Carolina Marine Corps after some US lawmakers warned of potential security threats.

Ningde Times responded, saying the allegations were false and misleading and that its operations and products in the US did not collect, sell or share data or interact directly with the grid or any other critical infrastructure. Ningde-era products have passed strict safety and security reviews, including those of US authorities and companies. noted that the Ningde era listed three facts to clarify:

The energy storage products sold to the United States in the Ningde era contain only "passive" devices and do not have a communication interface that allows the Ningde era to control the products sold. In addition, Ningde-era American products do not have the ability to collect, transmit or send data, so they do not pose any security threat.

Ningde era products cannot directly interact with or affect the US power grid. CATL provides energy storage batteries to American integrators, who manage the connection to the grid, and grid operators have put in place an extra layer of security that CATL's products cannot interact with.

Ningde Times is a listed company that carries out financial and organizational disclosure and filing in accordance with all applicable rules. Its investors include large Western companies such as JPMorgan Chase and UBS. Like every listed company, Ningde era has the fiduciary responsibility to put the interests of investors first.

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