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Year-end good price festival peak 4 hours: iPhone 15 Pro Max reduced 1000 yuan, Xiaomi WiFi7 router reached the bottom of 599 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall year-end good Price Festival / 12.12 will officially start at 20:00 tonight, with a time limit peaking for 4 hours (20: 24 o'clock).

Tmall has no threshold to draw red envelopes once a day, the denomination is up to 8888 yuan, place an order directly as money: click here to draw red envelopes. iPhone strongly urges the iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile phone to be reduced by 1,000 yuan to 8999 yuan, and the activity starts at 20:00: iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile phone 256GB coupon 8999 yuan coupon Jingdong iPhone 15 Pro Max mobile phone 512GB coupon 10999 yuan coupon Jingdong iPhone 15 Pro Max1TB coupon 12999 yuan coupon iPhone 15 Pro mobile phone price is reduced by 850 yuan to 7149 yuan: iPhone 15 Pro mobile phone 128GB coupon 7149 yuan coupon Jingdong iPhone 15 Pro mobile phone 256GB coupon 8149 yuan coupon Jingdong iPhone 15 Pro mobile phone 512GB coupon 10149 yuan coupon Jingdong iPhone 15 Pro mobile phone 1TB coupon 12149 yuan coupon shipped by, and provide after-sales service.

Members good price online disk member Aliyun disk three-year card can start today by paying 328 yuan, equivalent to 109 yuan / year, 9 yuan / month 3.6 discount price:

Tmall Ali cloud disk SVIP three-year card 8TB capacity coupon 328 yuan voucher 566 yuan quark net disk 9-day coupon can start with 135 yuan, about 11 yuan / month:

Tmall quark SVIP annual card is about 11 yuan / month 9 coupons. After receiving 33 yuan coupons, the official price of Baidu online disk super membership card is 298 yuan, which has dropped to 198 yuan from the 8th:

Tmall Baidu online disk SVIP annual card exchange code coupons after 198 yuan 80 yuan coupons social media members QQ series members to promote 50% discount at the end of the year:

Tmall QQ VIP annual card 50% discount official 120 yuan 60 yuan direct link Tmall QQ super member annual card 50% discount official 240 yuan 120 official link Tmall QQ yellow diamond annual card 50% discount 60 yuan coupon Tmall QQ yellow diamond deluxe edition annual card 50% discount official 180 yuan 90 yuan 90 yuan direct link office member WPS super member 4-year package year-end promotion 299 yuan, equivalent to 6.1yuan / month, 73.2yuan / year good price: WPS Super member 4-year card plus 28-day advance sale of 299 yuan 20 yuan coupon digital good price millet router BE6500 ProWiFi7 router coupon realme GT5 Pro 12+256GB third generation Snapdragon 8 flagship core 3298 yuan + 6 interest-free direct link cool 10000mAh mobile power 30W PD two-way fast charge 99 yuan direct link Glory flat X8 Pro 6+128GB11.5 inch 120Hz+2k8 20:00 limit 699 yuan direct chain Then iPhone 15 Pro Max self-operated 9199 yuan + 6 interest-free direct link Meizu 20 INFINITY 16GB+1TB need to get 8000-800 yuan mobile phone coupons multiple discount 4775 yuan 10 yuan coupons details: "Meizu 20 INFINITY Unbounded Edition Mobile 24 interest-free" Morris 100W desktop charging station gallium nitride four double discounts 166.8 yuan 10 yuan coupons Tmall year-end good price festival no threshold red packet, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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