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Linux will have a Microsoft Win operating system "same model" crash interface: full screen error message, with QR code

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Thanks to netizen soft media users 1520111, Coje_He, Mie Mie Yang, Alejandro86 for their clue delivery! December 9 news, according to foreign media Phoronix reported that the Linux system component systemd 255 stable version has been released, the update comes with a service called "systemd-bsod", can display full-screen error messages on Linux.

According to reports,"systemd-bsod" can display error messages in full screen when the log level is "LOG_EMERG," and also display a QR code so that users can get more information about startup failure errors. Note: BSOD full name "Blue Screen of Death," Chinese literal translation for "Blue Screen of Death." Microsoft Win has a long history of blue screen, currently known as 1985 Win 1.0 is the blue interface. However, when people use Windows for nearly 30 years, it is inevitable that they will feel a little tired, so Microsoft began to toss new tricks, trying to add new content such as QR codes and facial expressions.

systemd 255 is being unveiled as a stable release to catch up with the Linux distribution release in the first half of 2024, which will soon be launched on various rolling Linux distributions.

In addition, systemd 255 includes a number of upgrades, along the lines of:

A new component "systemd-storagetm" has been added to expose all lockblock devices as NVMe-TCP.

The way systemd services are generated has also been overhauled. Instead of forking through the CoW process that shares all of Manager's memory before executing the target executable, a new process is spawned using CLONE_VM and CLONE_VFORK through posix_spawn ().

SECCOMP now supports LoongArch 64-bit CPU architecture.

The new "systemd-pcrlock" adjusts PCR 0-7 and PCR-like native TPM2 PCR policies.

A new "systemd-vmspawn" tool has been added to provide virtual machines with the same interfaces and functionality that systemd-nspawn provides for containers. The systemd-vmspawn tool uses QEMU as the backend. For systemd 255, systemd vmspawn is still in the experimental phase.

Added "varlinkctl" tool to interface with Varlink service.

Systemd bootctl now shows whether the system boots from a unified kernel image (UKI)

Systemd-boot adds B and O hotkeys, the former for restarting and the latter for powering down from the boot menu.

When running on supported kernels, most internal process traces now use PIDFD instead of PID.

If a new root file system is found under/run/ nextroot/when the restart operation is invoked, systemctl will automatically softboot to the new root file system.

Added "SurveFinalKillSignal" option to skip the last SIGTERM / SIGKILL spree at shutdown to continue after soft restart operation.

Added "ConditionSecurity=measured-uki" option to run only when the system boots via a measured Unified Kernel Image (UKI).

TPM measurements are now written to the event log at/run/log/systemd/tpm2-measure.log.

Removed support for split-usr.

Support for System V service scripts has been deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Several improvements have been made to systemd TPM (2).

Support hibernation to swap files supported by Btrfs.

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