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Glory Magic 6 Pro mobile phone into the network: equipped with 100W fast charge, follow Huawei to support satellite communications

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Thanks to netizens Pianke Saohuang 4100 eyes, Xiao Zhan cut, soft media new friend 1933769, LINXYi clue delivery! December 9 news, the model BVL-AN16 has passed the 3C certification of China quality Certification Center, showing that the machine supports 100W fast charging. According to @ Digital chat Station, the machine should be Honor Magic 6 Pro.

What is more noteworthy is that the 3C certification page shows Glory Magic 6 Pro phone as a "satellite mobile terminal", indicating that the phone will support satellite communications technology, becoming the second domestic manufacturer to launch satellite communications flagship mobile phones after Huawei. reported in November this year that Li Kun, general manager of the flagship mobile phone of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd. attended the 2023 Digital Ecology Conference Satellite Mobile Communications Industry Development Forum, saying that the new phone supports satellite communications.

Li Kun said that the company's self-developed satellite communication technology has overcome the three major technical problems of antenna size, call range and communication experience, and is expected to provide consumers with the smallest size, the most stable signal, and the most power-saving mobile satellite communication experience.

Fang Fei, president of Glory Product Line, said:

In the past two years, Glory has carried out in-depth technical cooperation with China Telecom, jointly solving the technical problems such as high power consumption of satellite business, tight link budget, difficult heat dissipation and so on. At the same time, it has achieved technological breakthroughs in chip miniaturization, satellite antenna built-in and other aspects, opening up a new direction for smart terminal directly connected satellite business. In the future, Glory will join hands with China Telecom to continue to explore and innovate in the integration of space and earth. Bring consumers a more extreme and convenient communication experience.

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