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Yu Chengdong: Huawei will launch leading, innovative and subversive products next year to rewrite the history of the industry.

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Thanks to netizen clue delivery! December 9 news, 2023 Huawei pollen annual meeting held today in Songshan Lake base, Yu Chengdong said at the annual meeting, next year will launch very leading, innovative, disruptive products.

Yu Chengdong bluntly said: "You can see how we can rewrite the history of this industry. Hope can constantly bring beyond everyone's expectations, do things that others can't think of or think of but can't do, even things that they dare not think of. " notes that Yu Chengdong predicts that Huawei will launch Hongmeng native apps and native experience products next year.

It is worth mentioning that at present, there have been a number of application officials announced to start or complete the development of Hongmeng native applications: (Available)

Same-way travel (started)

Happy Dissipation (Completed)

Meituan (activated)

Where to go (activated)

Sina Weibo (launched)

Graphite documentation (completed)

Nail (activated)

Fly normally accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (Completed)

Station B (activated)

Sunflower (activated)

58 City (activated)

Anju Guest (activated)

Gaode Map (Started)

Look at the cartoon (started)

Get (Started)

Zhejiang Communication Brain (activated)

Ovi Interactive Map (activated)

Mavericks Electric (Signed)

Softcom Power (Signed)

Three Kingdoms Kill series game (completed)

China Construction Bank (activated)

McDonald's (activated)

Alipay (activated)

Flushing (activated)

Bank of Communications (activated)

HiPaint (started)

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