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Huawei applied for trademarks such as respect for Boundary, Jie Jie, Jingjie and Wangshu. Yu Chengdong once said that BAIC and Jianghuai had two "boundaries".

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Thanks to netizen Xiao Zhan cut the clue delivery! December 9 news, according to China Trademark Network, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. recently applied for a number of "boundary" trademarks, including respect, Qingjie, Chengjie.

From the international classification point of view, the international classification of trademarks of "Zunjie" is 9 (scientific instrument) and 12 (transportation means), the classification of "Qingjie" is 9 (scientific instrument), and the classification of "Chengjie" is also 9 and 12, namely scientific instrument and transportation means.

In addition, there is a trademark called "Wangshu," which was applied for on November 23 in the same way as the above-mentioned "boundaries," and its classification is also a means of transportation. "Wangshu" refers to the goddess who drives for the moon in Chinese mythology, and is also borrowed to refer to the moon.

At present, the above-mentioned trademarks are in the state of "awaiting substantive examination."

It should be noted that Huawei has applied for a series of trademarks such as "asking the world,""intelligent world,""brave world,""intelligent world,""building the world,""proud world,""knowledge world" and "Yi world," among which "asking the world" and "intelligent world" have been well known to partners, which are automobile brands jointly created by Huawei and Selis, Huawei and Chery under Hongmeng Zhixing mode respectively.

Comprehensive previously reported that Yu Chengdong, Huawei's executive director, terminal BG CEO and chairman of smart car solutions BU, once said during this year's Guangzhou Auto Show that there will be two "boundaries" after asking the world and the intellectual world, from BAIC and Jianghuai respectively.

Earlier this month, China Merchants Securities special research report showed that Jianghuai Automobile and Huawei cooperation intelligent selection model code X6, is a sedan model, the benchmark Mercedes-Maybach, the price will reach a million yuan, the new car is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Earlier, it was reported that the first model of Jianghuai Automobile and Huawei cooperation will be positioned as a high-end new energy MPV, and the price may be in the million yuan level, but the above information has not received a response from both parties.

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