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Share 9 function formulas used every day in Excel: EDATE, RANK, RANDBETWEEN...

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Shulou( Report--

There are so many functions that we can't remember all of them, and we can't use many of them at all. Therefore, it is suggested that we only need to master some of the most commonly used function formulas to be able to cope with daily office work. Here, Mr. Wang will share with you some functions that are commonly used in daily work.

1. After calculating the expiration time of the contract with the formula, we can get the expiration time by setting the number format to "date".

The EDATE function calculates the expiration date on the same date as the issue date in mid-January.

= EDATE (A2 ~ B2)

2. Ranking calculation can calculate the ranking through the total score.

= RANK (E2meme)

3. Get the maximum value and return the maximum value in the area.

= MAX (E2:E8)

4. Get the minimum value in the return area.

= MIN (E2:E8)

5. Generate random number function RANDBETWEEN function can randomly generate random integers in a specified range.

= RANDBETWEEN (10 ~ 20) here is a random number in the range of 10 to 20 randomly generated.

6. if the number is too large, we want to simplify the data and round it to 100 digits.

= ROUND (A2Mae Murray 2)

7. How to convert a negative number into a positive number by taking an absolute value? We can use the absolute value function.

= ABS (A2)

8. Rounding does not retain decimals.

= ROUND (A2P0) = ROUND (numeric or numeric cell, number of digits to keep)

9. How many are there if the total score of conditional statistics is more than 250? You can modify it according to your own needs.

= COUNTIF (E2:E8, "> 250")

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