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When there is no photography inspiration, try these methods

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A state that often occurs in photography is that there is no inspiration, feeling that there is nothing worth shooting around, or that shooting around always feels nothing new.

Almost all photography enthusiasts have experienced this state, so today I'd like to share with you a few tips for finding inspiration for photography:

1. Imitating other people's works is a very practical and efficient learning method, and it is also very helpful for us to find photography inspiration, whether it is imitating shooting subject matter, shooting angle, composition or later period. Can let us understand the original author's practical and thinking about technology.

If we don't know what to shoot, we can take a look at the work taken by our favorite photographer, find a suitable scene according to the characteristics of the work, and then imitate it according to their style. some of the skills of others may gradually become our own skills, and our understanding of photography may also be improved.

two。 Analyzing photos trying to analyze photos is also a good way to help us find inspiration.

From a technical point of view, we can divide a work into composition, light and shadow, color, virtual reality, and so on, and then see that each part has its own characteristics and what is the function.

You can also start from the story of the photo itself, in-depth analysis of what the photo is expressing and how the author uses various techniques to tell the story.

Another very practical technique is that we can find a photographer we like and analyze his works together to see if they have anything in common and how the author maintains this common feature in different works.

In the process of analyzing the works, we may inadvertently gain a lot of interesting knowledge.

3. When we change our perspective, we often feel that there are no elements worth photographing around us, perhaps because when we look at our surroundings, we only try to capture the "visual impact" instead of looking for interesting elements at a deep level.

In other words, we may pay too much attention to the direct "beauty" of the scene.

Looking for "order" in the scene is a good way to change this perspective. A lot of "beauty" is presented in an orderly way, such as symmetry, repetition, special shape and structure, echo, and so on. There are many interesting elements around us. Trying to find and capture is also a very interesting process.

4. Instead of shooting meaninglessly, take a break and let yourself and the camera rest for a while.

It may be better to lack inspiration and don't know what to shoot without forcing yourself to break through the bottleneck, take more pictures, take a break, and do something else to distract your attention. No one can take a good picture at any time and place.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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