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An inventory of the first NPC of Diablo

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I have to say that the whole Diablo series is a sad story.

Although the humans in the sanctuary are the protagonists, as long as they have appeared in the game, it is basically difficult for them to live to the next generation.

Even Dikkane, a descendant of Heradim, who has a strong aura, can not escape the "punishment" of the angels after forcibly living two films (killed by Adria's concubine Magda in the game).

Ironically, it is precisely the demons who have been hacked and killed by the Nefertians who have been immortal in the game. In the background of the story, the devil has the ability to resurrect infinitely.

What characters appeared in the first generation of Diablo?

The NPC of Pippin, the profiteer, Griswald, the blacksmith, Gillian, Ogden, the drunken Farnham, and the mysterious witch play a big role in the game.

It is their existence that connects the whole plot and creates a desolate apocalyptic atmosphere. Players will get new story clues and tips when they find them after triggering the task. The elder Dika Kane, the blacksmith, the witch and Pippin are the core characters in the game.

Every character has a legend, which is mentioned one by one in the game.

Among them, the person with the most tragic fate is Victor. One day, the fallen devil took all the children in the village, including Victor. The blacksmith called on the adults of the village to rescue the children, but the selfish people dared not take the risk.

The poor children were subjected to inhuman torture, and almost no one could survive. Among them, only Victor dared to resist and finally managed to escape with the help of the blacksmith, but lost a leg forever. Pippin rescued the dying Victor and installed "Victor's feet" for him.

Then Victor became indifferent and no longer trusted anyone. In order to make money, Victor once stumbled into a mysterious scene and was attacked by a herd of cows. And this place is said to have a lot of treasure.

Piping, an aquatic merchant of red medicine, is a kind-looking elderly who provides free healing and a large number of potions for the protagonist many times. Originally stubborn and kind-hearted blacksmith, after getting used to the ugly faces of the villagers, he became a fierce profiteer.

On the other side of the map, there is a mysterious witch, Andia (Adria), selling magic potions, magic equipment, arcane books and scrolls to players. It is said that she went to the cathedral alone, but was caught by demons, finally escaped after various ravages and torture, and then chose to settle in a secret place in Tristram.

At the time of Diablo II, we were transported to Tristram again through Stone Wilderness and found that it had become purgatory on earth. A large number of hell demons were transported from here, and all the local villagers were killed.

In the center of the village we will see the remains of Pippin and Ogden, as well as the demonized uncle blacksmith Griswald. Besides, the alcoholic's body is on the bottom boulder. In the village, only Dikkane, a descendant of Heradim, survived, but was hanged by demons.

By the river, we saw the remains of tavern owners Gillian and Victor.

Although Victor earned a lot of gold coins during Diablo 1, he couldn't take it with him in the end. "Victor's feet" has become an important tool to open mysterious scenes.

Gillian had a very good relationship with Victor's mother, and she took good care of Victor after her mother died. In the eyes of Victor, this kind of care gradually developed into a relationship between men and women, so the purpose of Victor's money was to get Gillian out of this hellhole.

The only person in the game who escaped early was the witch Andia (Adria). Andia didn't show up in Diablo 2, and players thought Blizzard had forgotten the character. Unexpectedly, she reappeared during Diablo 3, this time as the mother of the hostess Leah.

There is no doubt that Andia became the biggest winner in Diablo 3, using a special way to fully integrate the power of the six demons into Leah's body, leading to the birth of the most perfect Diablo in history.

NPC in the game is supposed to be unkillable, but in the "Diablo" series, NPC is chosen, so that no one in the game can survive.

So what happened to the protagonists of Diablo?

Warrior: Aidan's most influential man in Diablo 1 is King Leorick, who is the only one who can barely resist the fear brought by Diablo. However, his youngest son was not so lucky and was used as a vessel for the arrival of Diapolo, which was successfully arrived at the call of Archbishop Lazarus. However, in the early days, we did not know that the character warrior used was King Leorick's eldest son: Aidan.

At the end of the game he slaughtered Diablo and pulled out his soul stone and stuck it on his head. I want to seal Diapolo permanently through my willpower. It is a pity that no matter how strong the willpower of mankind is, it cannot counteract the constant curse and fear of demons. So at the end of Diablo 1, we see Aidan, who has become a dark tramp, and Diapolo has no complete control over Aidan's mind.

Archers: Rogge has had a large number of tribes and organizations in the sanctuary, including: the mage tribe, the barbarian tribe, the witch doctor tribe, the Heradim, the Knights of Canduras (the first warriors), the Blind Sisters (Archers), Wizgaqatari (assassins), and the Knights of Westma (Paladins). Rogge, on the other hand, comes from the Blind Sisterhood and has super combat skills and the ability to keep his mind alive.

The recent strange events on the mainland of Canduras have attracted the attention of Rogers. They came from the distant eastern sand dunes to practice their combat skills and to find the treasure hidden in the ruins of the Horadick monastery. However, this group of Rogers did not realize that coming to the Horadick monastery was the biggest mistake they had made in their lives. After the arrival of Andariel, most of the Rogers were corrupted by Andariel, while those who were not corrupted were slaughtered.

The original Archer was Captain Rogge, and even if he had the halo of the protagonist, he could not avoid being corrupted into a "blood black".

The mage mage is a powerful character in the game, and only he can give full play to the magic skills in the game. However, even a mage with such a powerful power can not escape the fate of being corrupted after the arrival of the demons of hell, and has become a notorious "summoner" in dark history.

The mage already had a very strong strength in the early days, and became more powerful after becoming a summoner.

So what happened to the more affectionate NPC in Diablo 2, Akala, Chasi, Kidd, Kasha, Varif, Yatma, Zhuognan, Farah, Grez, Jahein, Lesander, Masif, Eko, Eshera, Heratili, Nataya, Omar, and what happened to them? Is it true that the third generation can not escape the fate of being slaughtered?

This requires us to study it slowly in later chapters. Anyway, every NPC has a branch line left behind.

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