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2024 Ford electric horse on the market: pure electric sedan car SUV model, sold for 239800-359800 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, the 2024 Ford electric horse officially launched this afternoon, a total of 5 different configurations, the price range is 239800-359800 yuan.

Fashion version (long service life): 239800 yuan

Fengchi version (long service life): 263800 yuan

Wind speed version (ultra-long service life): 279800 yuan

GT version: 349800 yuan

GT Storm version: 359800 yuan summarizes the details of the car as follows:

Ford Electric Horse is the first tram adjusted by Ford track simulator. It is positioned as SUV with pure electric performance. Its length, width and height are 4730/1886/1621mm and its wheelbase is 2984mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the 2024 Ford Electric Horse is equipped with a 10.2inch digital dashboard and a 15.5inch 2K HD touch screen, with its own multi-function magic knob, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, support for CarPlay function and vehicle OTA upgrade, and the car is also equipped with Danish Bistro brand audio.

In terms of intelligent driving, the 2024 Ford Electric Horse is equipped with the "L2 +" BlueCruise driving system, which is a full-sensing layout with 23 sensors (including 12 ultrasonic radars + 5 millimeter wave radars + 6 cameras), providing more than 20 driving aids, as well as lane-changing aids and in-lane intelligent evasion aids.

The car adopts the new Ford self-developed "1T40" three-in-one electric drive. The single motor is divided into 201kW and 224kW. The maximum output power of the dual-motor GT model is 359kW, the maximum torque is 860N ·m, and the zero acceleration is 3.57s.

The car carries a new generation of CTP lithium iron phosphate battery pack jointly developed by Ford and Ningde Times, 100km comprehensive energy consumption 12.4kWh, the entry model has a range of more than 600km, an ultra-long range version of 700km, and uses a new BMS battery management system.

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