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The real demo of the game "Unlimiter" in Xishanju was announced, and the recruitment of PC test was opened.

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Shulou( Report-- December 10 news, Xishanju development and production of sci-fi mecha theme multiplayer battle game "Unlimited Machine" announced the real machine demonstration, now open technical test recruitment (as of December 12), has been put on Steam. notes that the technical first test type of "Unlimited Machine" is limited to number, no charge, deletion of files, technical closed test, mainly for technical debugging purposes, only applicable to PC platform.

Description of the game:

Attack type, combat type, sniper type, reconnaissance type, support type... multi-dimensional aircraft positioning provides a "air + ground" type of three-dimensional combat, far and near combat strategy. You can turn into a fortress to pour barrages, control beam cannons to burn enemy lines, and launch missiles to bomb the battlefield.

Enjoy the control experience full of firepower, speed and power in the three-dimensional battle with lightning speed and full firepower.

A heavy axe, a halberd, or a nimble thermal sword…You can control a fighter equipped with melee equipment to break through enemy lines between artillery bombardments, or launch a surprise attack hidden in the dark to break the deadlock for the team.

In between, can also raise shield block or even rebound close to the chop, in the enemy aircraft imbalance to give a fatal counterattack.

Whether it's spraying the whole machine, or fine color separation for outer armor, inner structure, armed parts, etc.…you can show your personal exclusive coating through a variety of colors, with different degrees of wear, gloss and metallicity. Combine textures and decals to create unique soldiers.

Hiding in the enemy line to find salvation "lonely sword," give up everything resolutely rushed to the battlefield noble girl, retired and re-entered the war veterans... and you side by side pilots have their own stories, are waiting to break through the shackles of the status quo, paving the way forward.

Take on combat missions in 3 or 6-man formations, defeat enemy aircraft with superb manipulation skills, or achieve bloodless or even reverse the situation with clever tactical coordination. Everything is under your control.

You will be thrown into an even wider battlefield of 48 people, encounter raids from other players, resist enemy soldiers, and face the threat of huge strategic weapons... After avoiding the pulse storm that can devour soldiers and the pursuit of other forces, you will return with a full load of loot!

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