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What elements should you pay attention to when analyzing a photo?

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Analyzing photos is a very interesting process. When observing and understanding a photo, follow the perspective of the photographer to explore different environments and understand different stories, and our skills and understanding can also be improved.

So how do you analyze a picture?

Everyone has a different understanding of different photos, and everyone pays different attention, but for a photo, the part of the analysis can be roughly divided into technical, storytelling and artistic expression.

1. The technical aspect includes not only the shooting skills, such as shooting time, shooting angle, shooting parameters, but also the color, light and shadow, composition and so on.

Simply from these details, even laymen can give a general idea, so we need to note that for a wonderful photo, these details usually have a common directionality, that is, they are carried out together around one or more topics.

Let's take a picture as an example:

Photographer Maria herself said she wanted her photos to show a sense of "harmony and balance". This is a work by Maria Svarbova, a winner in the art category of the 2018 Hassel Masters.

In terms of shooting skills, the author uses sufficient exposure to show a bright feeling and make the photo more concise. This sufficient exposure is combined with soft colors to further create a comfortable and concise atmosphere.

At the same time, the head-up shooting angle is selected to better combine the water surface to create a sense of symmetry and balance, and the composition is also from the point of view of balance.

In the setting, in addition to using the water surface to create symmetry, the left and right elements of the picture are also carefully arranged, although not completely consistent, but also have a sense of balance.

In short, in terms of shooting technology, the details basically revolve around "harmony and balance".

two。 Storytelling is the event told by the photo itself, so when analyzing the story of the photo, it is not enough to pay attention to the main performance of the picture, but also need to pay attention to the background of the story, the author's shooting experience, scene details and so on.

Let's first take a look at an award-winning work from the 2020 Dutch tournament:

Ewa, a 15-year-old Armenian girl, recently woke up from the tension caused by Resignation Syndrome in a refugee reception center in Podkovalshina, Poland, in a wheelchair accompanied by her parents.

Resignation Syndrome (RS) makes patients passive, motionless, silent, unable to eat and drink, incontinent and unresponsive to physical stimuli. It affects children who have suffered psychological trauma during the long process of asylum and seems to be most common among Roma and Yazdi children as well as among children in the Balkans. It was first discovered in the late 1990s and is considered to be limited to Sweden, although cases have since been reported in offshore refugee detention centres managed by the Australian Government in Nauru. After the living environment is improved, the symptoms will be relieved and gradually return to normal function. "

Apart from the girl's expression, the most striking thing in the photo is the five hands, from which you can see many feelings such as concern, helplessness, loss, and so on. At the same time, there is an interesting detail in the photo. The girl is wearing a necklace with her name on it:

On the one hand, it can reflect the family's concern for the girl, and it can also make people guess that the girl may have been very confident and cheerful, and the necklace may also be an identity made by the family for the girl to prevent accidents. The background of the story, combined with the details in the scene, shows a reality of exclusion and helplessness.

3. To put it simply, the artistic expressive force of the photo is the "beauty" contained in it, which not only has the direct visual expression, but also has the deep harmony and regular element combination and so on.

Composition, color, structure, light and shadow can be used as elements of artistic expression, such as minimalist style, symmetrical composition, repetitive structure and so on. Different people often have different feelings about this.

Artistic expression is usually consistent with the theme of the photo to enhance the look and feel of the photo while enhancing the depth of the content.

In short, when analyzing photos, you can try to find the commonness of different elements, and you will often gain more from the theme of the photo.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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