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Science and technology last night and this morning 1211: Huawei Yu Chengdong talked about "far ahead": it was not easy; Liu Qiangdong said he would never lie flat; Huawei applied for trademarks such as respect for boundaries, boundaries, Jingjie and Wangs

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Shulou( Report--

Hello, everyone, it is Monday, December 11, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. "League of Legends" began cross-region matching on December 11, first tested in Baron field and Education Network region. According to the latest news of "League of Legends", cross-region matching test was launched on December 11, and tests were carried out in Baron field and Education Network region first. After the test is correct, a small number of regions will be opened, so as to gradually open other regions. > > View details

2. External sound of electronic equipment is prohibited in Guangzhou Metro, and the newly revised Guangzhou Urban Rail Transit Administration regulations will come into effect on January 1, 2024. The regulations amend and improve behaviors that affect the operation order and the appearance and environmental hygiene of public places, increase the prohibition of carrying electric vehicles into stations and buses, prohibit the use of electronic devices to play sound, and prohibit behaviors such as wearing masks or wearing makeup that can easily cause discomfort and panic to others. > > View details

3. Huawei Yu Chengdong talked about "far ahead": it is not easy to need R & D innovation and strong technology investment. According to @ Pengjun's arrival, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei, terminal BG CEO and chairman of smart car solution BU, told the story behind "far ahead" at the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting a few days ago. Yu Chengdong said that it is not easy to be "far ahead". Behind each lead is the result of R & D innovation, strong technology investment and continuous efforts. > > View details

4, ideal car OTA 5.0release: intelligent driving upgrade, December 19th push ideal car intelligent software conference to ideal L series held on the evening of December 10th, the meeting introduced the upgrades of OTA 5.0. it can be divided into three aspects: intelligent driving, smart space, intelligent extended range. At present, the exhibition and test driving of ideal Automobile in 405 retail centers across the country have been fully upgraded to OTA 5.0internal trial version. The launch of the ideal L-series model OTA 5.0 is expected to start on December 19, and the launch of the ideal ONE OTA 3.4 is expected to start on December 26. Among them, OTA 3.4 added Amap traffic light countdown, mobile version of the task master, co-driver screen saver, parking photo top view, energy distribution statistics and other functions. > > View details

5. The hyperbolic 2 completed its second flight test, and the reusable rocket was realized for the first time in China. 17:07 on December 10, the Interstellar Glory II reusable liquid oxygen methane verification rocket (code SQX-2Y) carried out its second flight test mission in China's Jiuquan Satellite launch Center, and the flight test mission was a complete success. > > View details

6. Tencent suspended the sale of the extended warranty program of Bank of China Nintendo Switch on December 10, and the related rights and interests will not be affected. Tencent Nintendo Switch announced that the extended warranty program of Bank of China Switch, which was first launched in December 2022, will be suspended from December 10, 2023, and the related rights and interests of users who have purchased the extended warranty plan will not be affected. Tencent said the move was to "better adapt to product development and user needs". Tencent will discuss and analyze the extended warranty plan in detail and bring a value-added service plan that is "more in line with product characteristics and experience habits" at the right time in the future. > > View details

7. China successfully launched the remote sensing satellite 39, the 500th flight of the long March series of carrier rockets, according to CCTV news, on December 10, China successfully launched the remote sensing satellite 39 from the Xichang Satellite launch Center using the long March 2d carrier rocket. The satellite entered the scheduled orbit smoothly, and the launch mission was a complete success. > > View details

8. Preparations for the operation of the first domestic large cruise ship "Ida Mudu" are in full swing, and the first trial operation is about to begin. According to CCTV news reports, the installation of all the marine products of the first domestic large cruise ship "Ida Mudu" was completed on December 10, and 1292 crew members from all over the world boarded the ship. The ship operation preparation work is in full swing, and the cruise ship is officially handed over to the operator. > > View details

9. Lantu dreamer EV long-lasting flight noble edition is listed: 510km, selling 369900 yuan Lantu car dreamer EV new 2024 long-lasting flight premium version, priced at 369900 yuan. The design of the new model is consistent with that of existing models, with a battery pack capacity of 82.11 kilowatt hours and a pure electric mileage of 510km in CLTC. > > View details

10. Xiaomi car press conference is scheduled for December 28. Internal staff: considering this time, video game technology, a blogger whose other contents are all fake, posted on December 9 that Xiaomi had "finalized" the launch of Xiaomi car in Beijing on the 28th. It will mainly describe the selling points of the new car's appearance, interior design, performance control, intelligent cockpit and smart driving, and the pre-sale price of the new car will also be announced. At the same time, Lei Jun has checked the PPT used at the scene many times and will give a speech in person. In this regard, the blogger @ electric pickpocket contacted Xiaomi car internal staff, the other side said: "the time has not been decided, indeed considering this time, the other content is all fake." > > View details

11. Huawei's first overseas factory will be completed in France, and production is expected to start at the end of 2025. Zhang Minggang, deputy general manager of Huawei France, said that Huawei's first overseas factory will be completed in France and is expected to start (production) by the end of 2025. > > View details

12. Liu Qiangdong replied to employees: 's foundation is still there and I believe he will come out of the trough. I hope my brothers will never lie down. According to a report in LatePost later on December 10, at 22:00 on December 9, Liu Qiangdong, founder and chairman of Liu Qiangdong, spoke on the company's intranet to comment on a long article recently published by an operating staff. > > View details

13. Huawei applied for trademarks such as respect for boundaries, boundaries, Optimum boundaries and Wangshu. Yu Chengdong once said that BAIC and Jianghuai had two "boundaries". According to the China Trademark Network, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. has recently applied for a number of "boundary" trademarks, including respect for boundaries, optimization, and boundaries. > > View details

14. Yu Chengdong: Huawei will launch leading, innovative and subversive products next year. Huawei Pollen Annual meeting 2023 will be held at Songshan Lake Base today. Yu Chengdong said at the annual meeting that next year will launch very leading, innovative and subversive products. Yu Chengdong said bluntly: "then you can see how we can rewrite the history of this industry." hope to continue to exceed everyone's expectations, do things that others can't think of or think of but can't do, or even things they don't dare to think of. " noted that Yu Chengdong predicted that Huawei would launch Hongmeng native applications and native experience products next year. > > View details

15. Glory Magic 6 Pro mobile phone connected to the network: equipped with 100W fast charging, Huawei supports satellite communication model BVL-AN16 and has passed the 3C certification of China quality Certification Center, which shows that the phone supports 100W fast charging. According to @ Digital chat Station, the machine should be Honor Magic 6 Pro.

What is more noteworthy is that the 3C certification page shows Glory Magic 6 Pro phone as a "satellite mobile terminal", indicating that the phone will support satellite communications technology, becoming the second domestic manufacturer to launch satellite communications flagship mobile phones after Huawei. > > View details

16. The third C919 domestic large aircraft was delivered to China Eastern Airlines on December 9. According to CCTV News, at 09:53 on December 9, the third C919 large passenger plane carried out a MU2999 transfer flight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and delivered to China Eastern Airlines. > > View details

Tesla opens 48V electrical architecture documents, Ford CEO: good automotive industry Tesla now shares 48V electrical architecture design documents with third-party automakers. Subsequently, Ford CEO Jim Farley thanked Musk and spoke highly of the bank's actions that were good for the auto industry as a whole. Musk then responded: "you're welcome." > > View details

18. Chinese mainland's earliest nuclear power generation base: the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station accumulated 8000 billion kilowatt hours of safe power and operated safely for 11680 days. 18:18 on December 8, the Qinshan nuclear power base controlled by China Nuclear Power, a subsidiary of the China Nuclear Power Corporation, generated a cumulative capacity of 800 billion kilowatt hours and operated safely for 11680 days. > > View details

That's all for today. Science and technology last night and this morning. I'll see you tomorrow.

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